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While sitting at work I tried an idea – I often get random ideas from things on the radio or things we talk about in the office but often by the time I’ve got home and tried to write about it, I’ve forgotten half of it. So I’d just scribbled down two or three words to remind me what I meant when I got home.

  • Today it was a race called The Empire State Run Up. It involves climbing the 86 stories from the foyer on the ground floor to the observation deck – that’s 1,576 steps. Covent Garden tube station in London is 193 steps from platform to the ticket hall on the road level that’s the equivalent of a 10 storey building (so that’s almost one tenth of the Empire State building and I can’t even do that without getting really puffed out.
  • On the lunchtime show on BBC Radio 2, Jeremy Vine was talking about a church that is made up of atheists. It was interesting especially when so many people were saying about how they felt kind of left out that they didn’t have the “community” that their Christian friends have. You can find the article here (but it seems to be very popular with the Christian Post, Huffington Post, Hello Giggles and Gawker all posting articles about it). From their website:

“The Sunday Assembly is a godless congregation that will meet on the first Sunday of every month to hear great talks, sing songs and generally celebrate the wonder of life. It’s a service for anyone who wants to live better, help often and wonder more. Come on down to hear inspirational speakers and to enjoy a morning that is part-foot stomping show, part-Atheist church.”

  • Following yesterday’s vote here in the UK to pass a law allowing Same Sex Marriage (I caught the verdict and further information on the Guardian website), Chris and I were discussing it and I guess in some cases debating it. He sent me a link to an article entitled “Does Belief in Women’s Equality Lead to an Acceptance of Homosexual Practice?”. On the Guardian Website there was also a list of the MPs and which way they voted. It was interesting to see a split right through the middle of Bedfordshire – there seemed to be one vote for, a couple against and one abstained.
  • On a less serious note I’ve been collecting links of crochet projects to try when I’m not in the middle of the baby blanket that is taking every “crochetable” moment. First up we have crochet jammie dodger (better for my “diet”!) by According to Matt. We also have this fab star blanket and this multicoloured square blanket.

Star Crochet Blanket


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      I have two tracks on my phone from their new album. My friend keeps telling me to try some older songs too.

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