Currently…22nd August


The image above and the Currently prompts from RUKristin.


I’ve been watching Star Trek: Deep Space 9 along with the Olympics and occasional episodes of The West Wing. I did realise that I’m quite along way behind on #westwingbinge16 so need to work up catching up I think.


I finished reading Found by Elle Field this weekend. Just as good as her other novels. Jaxon and I went to the library last week so I have some other books to be reading too. I  received my second Beta Reading project so I’m reading that at the moment as well as a book by Fern Britton.


I’ve been adding Kids Worship songs to my Spotify playlist so when Jaxon and I have been out in the car we’ve been flicking between my choices and kids worship songs.


I caught up on my Temperature Blanket over the weekend. I’ve been currently working on July but was able to snap a picture of the first six months yesterday when the sun was shining.


A mixed bag. The boys arrived home from their Malawi trip on Tuesday. There’s been a lot of chatter about what they got up to and things like that but also about planning new adventures as a family.


Those new adventures are being planned. Dublin, Amsterdam, Kenya and Malawi are all on the cards. Lots of advnetures!


I’ve been loving having the boys back but I did like having the bed to myself!

What have you been upto currently? Have you been watching or reading anything in particular?

Currently – 15th August


The image above and the Currently prompts from RUKristin.


I finished Star Trek: The Next Generation last week. This does mean once again I’ve watched far too much TV! I guess it didn’t help with the boys being away – saves me going bananas talking to myself I guess!


I’ve carried on with the Kathy Reichs book but have also been pretty much going straight to bed or journalling once I’m in bed rather than reading in bed. I did read a couple of times at lunchtime but Jaxon would often want me to talk to him rather than read. I decided to return that particular one back to the library for now. Normally I get on with reading books by Kathy Reichs but this time I was struggling. which is a bit strange to me.


We had McFly on for a couple of car trips – it’s cheesy but their songs are generally quite upbeat and cheery to sing along to in the car.


This week while the Boys weren’t around to interrupt. I tried to learn how to make the Ripple Blanket by Attic24 but when I got onto the return row, I couldn’t get the increases and decreases to line up. I ended up undoing the trebles of Row 2 and going back to the chain row to try and make a granny stripe blanket instead. The idea is that I can use up some of the odd balls of wool that I have and work through some of my stash.


I’m excited as the boys return in the next couple of days. Chris has a day off in the middle before going back to work. Hopefully this means we can have a good catch up. It also means that he will have the day off when it’s Jaxon’s first “official” day at Preschool. I’m not sure how Jaxon will feel about Daddy dropping him off but I’m hoping that he will get involved and focus like he does when I drop him off by myself.


I’m trying to make sure that the house is in some kind of order before the boys get back. I’m sure it’s easier said that done with Jaxon running around but I’m giving it a good go. I had spend some of the first week working on getting Our Sidekick’s room straightened. I changed his bedding and vacuumed the floor. The idea being that when he gets home he has a tidier/cleaner room than when he left. While on their travels, I’ve tried to get all the washing done. Hopefully then I will just have the boys stuff to contend with when they arrive home. Who knows if it’ll be that simple but I’ll sure give it a good go!


The weather – it’s actually not been too hot or too cold for the last couple of days. It’s been quite comfortable to sit in a vest top and shorts during the day. Although sometimes in the evenings I’ve needed to grab a cardigan. There’s rumours that it’s going to get warm again this week!

What have you been upto currently? Have you been watching or reading anything in particular?

This Weekend I…

Before I fall head first back into work stuff tomorrow evening. I figured I’d get some blogging done as I seem to be slacking a bit recently!

I have the Olympics Coverage playing on the TV. I am excited as the Team GB Boys are about to compete for the medals (Come on boys! You’ve got this!)

Yesterday morning we started the weekend with ParkRun. Normally Chris looks after Jaxon while I do ParkRun but with him being away, I had to do it with him in the buggy. I bought a Mountain Buggy from eBay about two weeks ago and it’s so much easier to use when we’re out and about. However this particular version is fractionally too long to fit in the boot of the Zoe. I’ve been using the Hauck buggy when we’re been out in the car and then the Mountain Buggy when we’ve been out in Mum’s car or left from home. (I have this one in black but I can’t find a picture of it!). There’s a newer model that Mountain Buggy have launched now but this one works for us while Jaxon is still in a buggy and the amount of miles we cover on a normal week when we don’t have the car.

Mountain Buggy All Terrain

I really thought I was going slower than normal but actually when I did get my time through I was less than a minute slower than my PB for 2016 so actually I wasn’t that much slower pushing Jaxon than when I run without him. I am hoping that now that he is happy in this “new” buggy I might be able to get out and try and do more running during the week – if I take him out just before tea he might settle better when it comes to bedtimes – I guess it’s all a case of trying it out once Chris is back.

Following ParkRun we pretty much spend the whole day at home just playing in the living room. I think Jaxon would have rather gone out and done stuff but I was just shattered. I tried to figure out when I last did ParkRun and I think it was the beginning of June, I’m hoping that things will settle down and I’ll be able to get back to doing ParkRun weekly now.

I spent the evening working on getting the Macbook up and running again so that I can use this when I go to “hot desk” at 44 Harpur Street. I’ve been taking the Windows Laptop that Chris and I jointly purchased for work-y bits but I spend most of the time trying to remember where things are on the Windows OS rather than actually doing any work, so a slightly slower MacBook over my slowing up skills is a bit better! It didn’t quite work as well as it should have and in the end I had to leave it to charge and come back to it this evening.

The FitBit app was updated on my phone yesterday and one of the new settings is to set a reminder to tell you to get ready for bed, but you can work it backwards so you start with your alarm in the morning along with how much sleep you need in the night then what time you need to go to bed. Along with that it gives you a reminder around half an hour before that “go to sleep” time. I used it for the first time last night and I felt so much better when I woke this morning. In order to wake at 7:15am and get 6hrs 30 sleep (yes I know I probably need more but we’re starting here!) I have to go to sleep at 00:25. Well I was cleaning my teeth when my half an hour warning went off so I was actually ahead of schedule which meant I had time to read B-Side by Elle Field and get that finished so that I can then start Found by Elle Field today. (You can read her blog here).

We started Sunday morning in usual fashion, Jaxon and I sat in bed watching YouTube Kids videos before getting up to get breakfast. While Jaxon ate his breakfast I worked on packing some of the bits for the church picnic. I had meant to go shopping on Friday or Saturday, but it just didn’t work in the end. We headed for church in the car, as we turned left into the road that church is on, my Aunt was out for a run and crossed the road right in front of our car, I’m not 100% sure she actually stopped to check to see if there were any cars coming so I made sure that I stopped and let her keep going! When we got to the church people we found some seats, I chatted to a couple of our friends before the service and got to see our friend’s little girl who is like 3/4 weeks old now – so squishy and cute!

Jason went to creche and I stayed in for the service, Martin was speaking about The Parable of the Vineyard Workers (The podcast isn’t up yet but it will be here). He had a lovely time, he does so well at creche, I drop him off and even before I’ve registered him with whoever is leading, he’s off playing with the toys and often when I say goodbye to him he’ll then look up at me, wave and then go back to what he’s doing. He’s so good!

Following church we nipped to the supermarket to get picnic bits and bits that we needed for the rest of the day – I’ll pop tomorrow and get some bits to cover us for this week before Chris takes over on food duty at the weekend (actually I think I am going to get to the middle of the week and then let him take over even if I do the shopping for his food plan – I guess we’ll see). I wasn’t sure how much would be shared so I took stuff to share too and then when we got there it was definitely more of a case of you eat your own food rather than share but that’s okay – I still shared with the people I was sat with and they shared with Jaxon and I too so that was cool – it meant we had sandwiches and picnic nibbles again for tea. Probably full of syns and not so good for me but hopefully if I can fit some more walking in this week I will see that fixed on the scales come Thursday.

One of the girls absolutely adores Jaxon so for a bit she kept following Jaxon round and keeping him out of trouble. There were heaps of church people and other children about so as long as I could see Jaxon I wasn’t too fussed about him pottering around in the area we were sat in. I got to chat to some of the other mums who I don’t necessarily see during the week as they work. I talked to one of the other Mums who have kids on the Malawi Trip that Chris and Our Sidekick are on at the moment, we talked about how Our Sidekick came to live with us and would we foster again and things like that. We spoke about how Jaxon and I had coped okay while the boys have been away but that when Jaxon was sick at the beginning of the first week I was really struggling. Thankfully I gave myself a talking to and got things sorted out. I am so grateful for the friends that I could call on for prayer and coffee dates once Jaxon was better. I had visions of us becoming hermits and not leaving the house unless it was essential so I got a couple of coffee dates in the diary so that I had to go out and do stuff lol.

Following the picnic we came home as Richard needed to pop by and borrow some bits from us. He also adopted the spare papers from Our Sidekick’s paper round – he makes like paper blocks to use in his log fire and they help to start the fire or something like that – he also took the packaging from two packages that had arrived today and added that to the pile he’s got at home too.

Jason and I watched Home which is like this favourite film at the moment, while I worked on tidying the kitchen and doing some bits he watched some of The Good Dinosaur – I’ve not actually sat through the whole thing yet – I’m not convinced it’s one of Disney’s best films – it doesn’t grab you like other ones do – or is it just me?

I’ve spent this evening sorting out the computer and watching the Olympics – Team GB have done amazing on the medal fronts today. I’m currently watching the Cycling pursuit while discussing it with my friend Hannah via text message!

Now I’m going to wrap this up here and I think I’m going to go and get into bed, watch DS9 and crochet… that sounds good.

Night Night

Awesome Ladies Project – What’s Your Relationship with Sports?

ALP Creative Team

ALP -Sport

What’s your relationship with sports? Are you an athelete? Were you one in grade school or high school? Do you like watching sports? Either in person or on the telvision? Maybe you don’t really care that much about professional sports, but you get super excited for the olympics, or your favorite youth soccer team?

This week’s prompt was all about sport – funnily enough when I was writing this I was still figuring out what was the best way to watch the Rio Olympics – because of the time difference nearly everything is on in the evening and into the night rather than during the day like we might get with a Europe/Asia based Olympics.

I am definitely a spectator when it comes to sports. I’ve started doing ParkRun but that’s about it when it comes to sports – I guess as Jaxon gets older I might have to try and be more interested in the sports he’s interested in but for now I am most definitely a spectator.

Growing up my Mum would often have Wimbledon on during the Summer and would stay up really late for finals of the Snooker matches – specifically I remember ones at The Crucible which always would go past 10pm (usually when I was supposed to be in bed!)

When it comes to the sports that I like to watch, I love the Winter Olympics because there are sports like Figure Skating and Bobsleigh but I also like the Summer Olympics because there is Athletics and Gymnastics. (To me this always seemed strange because Gymnastics and Dance were considered Winter PE lessons at school because they were inside). Since Our Sidekick came to live with us Athletics and the Men’s Distance Running has often been something we’ve watched together – when it was the London 2012 Olympics we went to our local athletics stadium to watch Usain run on the big screen, we then lined up at the start line to race the 100m after Our Sidekick said that he could match Usain’s time – funnily enough he couldn’t and I was dying by the time I crossed the 100m line but we did have a good time.

I’ll be cheering on Team GB this week and hope they bring home some medals (Well done to Adam Peaty who brough home a Gold and a Silver at the Rio Games).

You can find further information about Awesome Ladies Project here and more about RUKristin here.

Jaxon’s Second Birthday

Before you get too far into the post – just a heads up it’s picture heavy today. 

With Our Sidekick and Chris being away on a residential trip this weekend, it was up to me to hold the fort. It was almost like a warm up for when the boys are away for nearly two weeks!

As normal Jaxon waited for the alarm music and then came in. He stood next to the bed and smiled at me as usual then looked across the bed for Chris and sort of pulled this face like “well even when Daddy isn’t home and bedtime he’s normally there in the morning”. We had a cuddle then got settled down for some serious YouTube Kids viewing. Well Jaxon watched Thomas and Friends amongst other things and I watched Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I had it on really quietly along with subtitles! (Yep Thomas and Friends dialogue with Gilmore Girls visuals – definitely takes some skills to complete!

After just chilling for a bit we opened presents. He really wasn’t a fan of smiling for photos today when I was taking them. We started with the presents from his Great Aunts. They are both so good at “present choosing”. He received clothes, a Very Hungry Caterpillar plate and cup set and some other bits. Following breakfast, I dressed him in one of the t-shirts and the shorts following breakfast but he managed to get something down the new shirt before we had even left the house so I had to change him again (and all clothes from today have gone in the wash ready for Birthday Gathering Part 2). Next up was presents from Nanny and Grandad, three Thomas DVDs, a shape sorter toy and a hobby horse – it plays hoof noises and then the horse neighing – I don’t think Jaxon has seen real life horses up close so I think he was a bit puzzled! Grandma (Chris’s Grandma) had got Jaxon a Thomas and Friends plate.

We were having a pretty chilled morning so had time to play with the building blocks and hang out. I packed our contributions to the birthday picnic and then we popped to the supermarket to get a small bottle of milk so that Mum could have a cup of tea with her lunch if she wanted. We ran an errand to drop some bits off to Our Sidekick and Chris, in the end Our Sidekick came out to the car and having got the bits I was dropping off from me, he was about to head back in when he then went to the back door of the car and lent across the back seat to kiss Jaxon on the forehead and wish him a happy birthday (big heart explody moment!)

We got to the park a little early and as I pulled up it started to rain. Having prayed that it would stop so we could still have park time, I was about to enact the wet weather plan when it stopped raining! (Thank you Jesus!!).

Jaxon and I played in the little park but I realised that the equipment more suited to him was a bit further along, so I got Jaxon back into the car, texted Mum, Dad and Rich that we were changing park and Jaxon burst into tears (and they were proper angry tears!). As much as him crying was stressing me out, by the time we’d got round to the next park, he was perfectly happy again. I think he’d panicked and thought that was the end of park time.

Mum and Dad were next to arrive and Jaxon face just lit up completely. Dad and Jaxon explored the park while Mum and I chatted. Rich arrived pretty much soon after and chatted to Mum and I. Dad took Jaxon on the smaller slide then Jaxon decided he wanted to the bigger slide which meant it was a bit of a team effort. Dad, Jaxon and I headed up the hill, I climbed up onto the platform, then Dad lifted Jaxon up onto the platform. Jaxon then headed for the top of the slide – I was already to ride down with him on my lap but he’d pushed off and was going down as I was getting settled behind him. I decided then it would probably be easier for me to go down the slide than it would be for me to get back up again and climb down the ladder.

Much to the amusement of Richard and Mum who were stood at the bottom with the camera, I got about half a metre down the slide and either my jeans weren’t agreeing with the slide material or my bottom was just too wide but I wasn’t going very fast, I wiggled my way down and in the end, Dad climbed back up part of the hill with Jaxon in his arms and pulled me down the rest of the slide by the leg of my jeans!

We decided it was time to find a sport for our picnic and it was decided we’d sit the other side of some bushes so that Jaxon wouldn’t be distracted by the play park.

Chocolate Cake! Yummy!

Having played with a selfie stick at my birthday party in April, Mum had decided to purchase one so had a play with it and this time I had got the technique a bit better! 

When the picnic had finished, I figured that as I had the car, we’d head over to the toy shop at the Retail Park but Jaxon had other ideas and before we’d even got to the Bypass he was gone. I ended up turning round and coming home, sitting in the front of the car watching TV on my phone having nipped in the house for my crochet project.

Clearly birthdays are exhausting! 

On the Sunday which was like Birthday: Part Deux, Jaxon and I started the day by going to church, he went to crèche during the preach and I stayed in the service. The preach was the final part in a series about Psalm 23. Following church, Jaxon and I were going to collect Daddy and Our Sidekick to go to lunch but they were still busy so we went to the park and had a go on the climbing frame. I ended up climbing one of them to help Jaxon up and then ended up helping a little girl down as it was time for her to go home but she couldn’t get down herself. 

We collected the gang and  we went out for Pizza as it’s one of Jaxon’s favourites. 

All in all it was a great birthday with lots of fun times. 
Happy birthday Jaxon!