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Gossip Girl (Season Two)
Bangkok Airport (documentary on BBC)
Transformers (well part of it because Our Sidekick had it on, something about it bugs me though)

Catching up on blog posts and commenting.

As I write this, Our Sidekick is working on his college application and Chris is trying to decide what to watch on the TV.

Working on a couple of projects including granny squares of varying sizes for a yarnbombing project in Hampshire.

Currently planning blog posts. I’m determined to be more organised this month. Can’t be that complicated can it?

Hanging out with the boys

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TIGF: Thing’s I’m Grateful For

Vintage slate chalk board hanging on wooden background
Joining up with:
Ashley from Hello Nature
Laura from Ginger + Co

Last Friday was horrible. I woke up at 4am and the tummy bug went to town on my body. I would get up for a bit then go back to bed. Thankfully Chris was on it, around 8am he phoned into work and played nurse maid to me while looking after Jaxon. He took Jaxon downstairs so I could sleep and it was the best sleep I’ve had in ages! I think I caught up. By late afternoon, Our Sidekick was feeling ill too so Chris looked after him as well. What a superstar!

E This weekend we have a ladies meal and I know that E has been working like a trooper to make sure that everyone’s food is ordered correctly, that everyone has a little present or card of encouragement and somehow she wil have done that all around her day job. She’s just fab! 

My Parents(again!)
This week we’ve had social work meetings for Our Sidekick amongst other bits and my parents have helped again by having Jaxon if needed. Uncle S was unable to have Jaxon this week when the Marriage Course was on so they were able to have Jaxon and Our Sidekick then. My Dad even had Jaxon today so that I could get some work bits done.

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Let Your Blog Shine: Your Morning Routine

Let Your Blog Shine - Blog Prompts

Over on Facebook I’m part of a blogging group. On the Wednesdays of each month we have a group prompt that we’re all going to answer. This weeks’ prompt is…

Your Morning Routine

We don’t really have a set morning routine but when we do have one it sort of goes along the lines of this.

I sleep until Jaxon wakes me, this usually is any time between 7:30 and 9 – it has been as late as 10 sometimes. Sometimes I even wake before him – on those occasions I try to be productive but most of the time I just chill in bed before getting up!

We might have a feed of milk first thing just to get ready to the idea of getting up and making a start on the day. I’ll change Jaxon and get him dressed, he then plays in the middle of my bed while I get dressed.

Jaxon after Breakfast

We have breakfast in the kitchen, Jaxon sits in his high chair and we have the radio on – usually playing UCB UK. We usually catch the end of the Breakfast Show.

Breakfast is currently some form of porridge for Jaxon. He’s on Apple and Blueberry I think at the moment but he’s not a fan of it some mornings – maybe we should go back to the banana instead.

After he’s had his breakfast (or during depending on how stubborn he’s being it could be during!) I have my breakfast usually while checking Facebook and Twitter. I tend to have supermarket own brand Shreddies along with semi skimmed milk, if I’m being sensible then I’ll weigh both so that they fit in with the Healthy Extras on Slimming World.

From here we then start our day properly. 

Some mornings I am really unorganised and Jaxon ends up having some kind of breakfast while we’re out and about, I guess once he’s on proper food it might be fractionally easier to do breakfast on the go but for now we make it work. I try to get up over an hour before we need to be anywhere but some mornings it just doesn’t happen and we end up charging out the door – I think once he’s in the next car seat instead of the one he’s currently in then it’ll take a few minutes less to get him into the car and get on the road which in turn should make everything just a little less stressful!

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TIGF: Things I’m Grateful For

Vintage slate chalk board hanging on wooden background
Joining up with:
Ashley from Hello Nature
Laura from Ginger + Co

Uncle S
The ever so lovely Uncle S offered to babysit this week even though there was no Marriage Course as it’s half term. We were able to go out for dinner at That’s Amore which is a local Italian Restaurant in town. Uncle S was so amazing, Jaxon was taken poorly as I wrote about yesterday, Uncle S texted me, to let me know what was happening and I said that we were almost finished and that we’d come home, he said not to worry that they were okay but then about 5-10 minutes later he said that Jaxon had been sick again. We got home and Uncle S carried on looking after Jaxon while we got packed in case we were about to be admitted overnight again. Yesterday morning he texted me again to see how Jaxon was doing – I know one text message isn’t a lot but the fact that he took the time between appointments at his job means a lot.

A friend of mine has three grown up kids – her eldest is the same age as my cousin Vicky. She commented on one of my pictures from Wednesday/Thursday saying that if I needed any shopping etc. just to let her know and she’d pop out for me then drop it off. I said that I thought were okay and didn’t need any shopping. Then another comment popped up: “Even if you want me to sit with Jaxon if you need some me time or to have a bath – I know how exhausting being in hospital can be !!!”. Okay needed to scrap my heart off the floor. Having not slept entirely great all week everything is putting me on the edge of tears lol. This made me nearly start happy tears!

The Matron and Our Student Nurses
When Jaxon was poorly and we had to go into hospital, we were really blessed that the same Matron was on both times and we had lovely student nurses both times, our local hospital is a training hospital and I am all for students using me as practice – I had student Midwifes when Jaxon was born and we had student nurses this time too. They all need to learn and as long as they are willing to ask questions and ask for help then I have no problem.

Again family gets a thank you. I rang Mum on Wednesday to tell her what was happening and started the call with “Hi Mum. It’s me” and she responded with “I know that” or something like that which made me laugh and broke the tension. We then chatted through what was happening and what she would do and things like that. We then talked about collecting Our Sidekick today if we got admitted. In the end we were discharged but Chris had taken the car with him and I was reluctant to take Jaxon out unless I needed to.

Medical Assistance
I know that everyone has their own experiences of the NHS and sometimes they are not good but in the all the times we’ve been while I was pregnant and since Jaxon has been born, we’ve always been looked after and have things to be grateful for. We’ve been blessed with lovely staff who have answered any questions that we’ve had, if they’ve been students they’ve always been and asked questions to make sure they are doing the right thing. We are blessed to have a health system like we do.

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Unexpected Trips (Part Deux)

Our second trip to hospital this week

It’s the small hours of Thursday morning this time and it’s time for Unexpected Trips: Part Deux. Jaxon had been throwing up since 7pm and although I felt like a paranoid first time mother I wanted him to get checked out.

The first two times he threw up I wasn’t entirely worried just figured it would pass but while we were out for date night and Uncle S was on duty at our house he threw up 3 more times. Uncle S was again a super star and took care of Jaxon.

We got home and decided that, that was too many time for him to have thrown up in that short amount of time. I rang the Out of Hours line to get a call back from the doctors and then we packed for an overnight stay. I remembered comfy clothes but forgot my toothbrush and that was the thing I needed Tuesday morning lol.

So it’s now almost 1am and we need to wake Jaxon for his next dose of diarolyte but let’s rewind.

So we arrived in BEDOC again around 10pm. We were seen by a nurse who took Jaxon’s sats. His oxygen levels were 98% and his heart rate was normal. We were sent back out into the waiting room where he threw up again.

I was getting twitchy, I’d already explained twice on the phone what was going on and then again to the Nurse – I know they were just doing their job but my insides were churning because I couldn’t fit it – I couldn’t make him better.

We then went into see the On Call GP and repeated the story of what had happened including the fact that we were already admitted this week for observations. When Jaxon threw up in the middle of the consultation she could tell that we weren’t being melodramatic – the puke was now a very bright stomach acid yellow. I managed to hitch him out of his car seat and over the sink in the consulting room rather than him just throwing down himself or down me. The doctor attempted to get hold of the on call paeds team but the automated switchboard wasn’t playing ball and when she direct dialled the team they weren’t responding to their pages which was stressing me out a little bit too!

In the end I’m not sure if she got through or if she just rang Riverbank and told them we were coming but we got our referral letter and off we went. On the most direct route there’s a door that you need a security pass to get through after a certain time. It happened that as we were about to turn round and walk the longer route that we had done earlier in the week, a security guy walked past us – Chris asked him if he could let us through the door but he didn’t have the right pass, but as we were stood there a lad walked past and the security guy asked him if he could help us, rather than just letting us through the first door – he escorted us all the way to the front door of Riverbank Ward – I said to Chris he should have a gold star – I wish I’d taken his name so I could write into the hospital and tell his boss what a superstar he was.

We were put in the bed opposite to were we were before – the cot that Jaxon had been in, was still in the bay we had been in and I expected them to put us back in that same bay but they didn’t. We had a lovely student nurse called Chloe, she came over and introduced herself by name and took all our details to fill in a medical history sheet. While we were sat there the Matron from Monday walked past and stopped by to say hello. I made some comment about seeing her again then explained how we’d just been discharged less than 48 hours ago and she looked puzzled and asked why we’d been in before. I said “We were in with suspected cyanosis” and then penny dropped like a rock! “Oh yeah blue arms!”. Haha! Is it a good thing or a bad thing that she’s remembered him?

We were given a bottle of diarolyte for him to drink although with a chart to record how much he had and if he vomited, passed urine or had a bowel movement. The first dosage was 9ml to make sure he could keep that down. He managed to keep it all down but did dribble some down himself. Every 10 minutes between then and about 2am we had to give him 18ml, when we switched from a syringe thing to a teat it was more of a guess so one time he ended up with 25ml instead of 18 but he kept it all down which was the main issue.

We changed his nappy and although it was still quite dry there was enough liquid in there to show he wasn’t dehydrated. The doctor that we had was really lovely – she wasn’t the same doctor that we had but when I said that we’d been in previously she did send the Matron to look for any notes that were filed from our earlier trip so that they could look at the blood tests that Jaxon had taken. I had taken some post it notes with me so that I could do some other bits if I was filling time. I got some out and used them to make extra notes on our chart because the box wasn’t big enough. A tick worked for some of the boxes but I figured more info was better than none especially as I didn’t want to get discharged only to be back there again today. The matron came to check on us and was very impressed with the extra notes especially when I said about more info being better than none.

Around 2am we finished the final dose and by 3am we were home and back in bed. Jaxon didn’t settle straight away but I gave him a little feed of milk and that helped him go to sleep. I think he woke up a second time but I’m not entirely sure whether I got up for him or if that’s when Chris got up for him, the problem with sleep deprivation is that things get a little foggy lol. Chris gave Jaxon to me, he had a feed and we both went back to sleep. We woke up around 10am when my alarm went off (as I needed to be up in case Our Sidekick didn’t have his keys to get back in following his sleepover).

We took up residence in front of the TV and watched Mulan and started Hercules. I’ve now watched Grey’s Anatomy and now on Bones while Jaxon naps. Hopefully that’s the end of unexpected trips to hospital for a while. We have got an open entry pass thingy for 24 hours from discharge just in case we need to go back – I’m really hoping we don’t need it but I am grateful that the doctor gave it to us.

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Unexpected Trips

It’s now Wednesday evening and I’ve started this post about three times. The first time was the very small hours of Tuesday morning. Yesterday [Monday] started as normal, well other than Our Sidekick being at home as it’s half term. We went to Hobbycraft with Emma and then went to Subway for lunch. Not on plan but I made sure there was cucumber, green pepper and gherkins in there so I had some Free Food.

We got home and Jaxon was asleep in his car seat, I put a muslin over the hood so that it was nice and dark. He slept for about an hour and a half – it was quite along time in comparison to normal but I guess I hadn’t entirely noticed.

Chris took Jaxon for a change and I could hear him giggling away while Chris sorted him out. He brought Jaxon back downstairs and gave him his dinner. Jaxon kept messing about while eating but also wasn’t really eating. [Since then I’ve looked at Wonder Weeks and it could just be that he’s about to hit another leap in the next week or so].

Once he’d finished Chris took him back upstairs to change his outfit completely as his dinner was all down him. I got a shout from Chris telling me to go upstairs and quickly as it was urgent. I got upstairs and Chris told me that Jaxon’s arms had been blue but the rest of him was normal colour. When I took a look his arms were like a dusky pinky purple sort of colour. As they were returning to normal and he was acting normal I wasn’t entirely concerned but Chris wasn’t sure, especially as Jaxon’s breathing was a little on the fast side and when I listened to his heart it was racing. (All of which could have just been the excitement of Daddy being around and the urgency of the situation).

I was heading out to a holiday club meeting with my Mum, so when she arrived I asked her to take a look – well by then Jaxon was playing to the crowd – Mummy, Daddy and Grandma all there at once – HOW EXCITING!!

Mum and I went to the meeting while Chris rang 111 and waited for a call back. When I spoke to him towards the end of the meeting he’d spoken to the on call GP on the 111 service and they’d decided that we should take Jaxon in to be checked over just in case. After we dropped home H (my SIL) following the meeting, Mum dropped me off outside A&E so I could walk round to BEDOC (the out of hours doctors bit in the hospital) and also offered to take Our Sidekick back to hers if he wanted to go rather than sitting in the hospital. Our Sidekick and Chris were both there and Jaxon was there looking round at all the people and the things going on. I went back out to tell Mum that I’d found them and that thank you for the offer but Our Sidekick wanted to stay with us.

We were seen shortly after that by the on call GP. He listened to Jaxon’s heart and chest which were all normal and clear, he took a medical history including things about Jaxon’s breech birth and things like that. He then decided that we needed to see the Paediatric Doctor who would have a better idea of things that could affect babies his age.

We were referred to Riverbank Ward so packed up the buggy and walked through the hospital. The quick route was all locked up so we had to walk round the outside (okay had it been an emergency and we needed to have got there quicker would we still have had to go outside in the cold?). We arrived at the ward and they put us in Willow Bay which is part of the CAU (Children’s Assessment Unit – I guess it’s the equivalent of AAU – Acute Assessment Unit on the adult ward).

At about 11:20 I said to Chris that him and Our Sidekick should go home if we haven’t seen a doctor by midnight. The doctor arrived to see Jaxon at about 00:30. After checking him over we were admitted for the night. I think it’s the first time since he was born that I spent more time awake at night than sleeping! In the end I was running on about two and a half hours sleep.

We saw the paediatric doctor in the morning during rounds, they asked that we had some blood tests done but other than that we could be discharged. (Yes! We were both getting tetchy and claustrophobic).

The phlebotomist came to collect us and she was very lovely. I held on to Jaxon really tightly while he had his blood test. I was tired and so what normally wouldn’t have phased me was making me really upset. I was nearly in tears! Once we got back to the ward we packed up ready to go home. I went to find the doctor just to check we could go home and she said yes and that we’d get called with any results if there were concerns.

We walked home via The Fountain to collect Chris and get a drink of something other than water or very watered down squash. Everyone asked how he was and sent well wishes. Made my very tired emotional self feel very loved. I was so grateful.

The gratitude continued. When I got home I fell asleep on the sofa. When I woke up Our Sidekick was stood over me and said “I’ll take Jaxon you go to bed”. What a superhero!

When Chris got home we had pancakes which were the best ever! Had chocolate spread and banana on one, chocolate spread on its own on another and then sweetener and lemon on the last one.

As I finish this post we’re back in BEDOC. Jaxon has been throwing up since about 6:30 this evening and my heart is hurting for him. I can’t fix it. I can’t make him better. We’ve been seen by a nurse to take his sats and things like that but we’re waiting to see the doctor. He’s not keeping down water so we could end up being admitted…. The nurse thought he might have picked up a bug when we were on the ward Monday/Tuesday and so now on Wednesday he’s throwing up.

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Let Your Blog Shine: Rants and Ramblings

Let Your Blog Shine - Blog Prompts

Over on Facebook I’m part of a blogging group. On the Wednesdays of each month we have a group prompt that we’re all going to answer. This weeks’ prompt is…

Rants and Ramblings

  • I know the speed limit is sort of advisory but when you’re doing over 15mph under that you’re holding up other motorists and as my driving instructor said “If you can’t keep up with the traffic get off the road”
  • Just the same some motorists believe the speed limit doesn’t apply to them so does anything around 20 or 30mph OVER THE LIMIT!
  • General Election – Assaulting my inbox telling me how you’re better than the next guy isn’t going to make me vote for you.
  • On that note – which party has the most Christian values?
  • How is it I know more about US Politics than UK politics? Am I just not watching the right TV shows or reading the right blogs/books etc?
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TIGF: Things I’m Grateful For…


Things I'm Grateful For

Joining up with:
Ashley from Hello Nature, Laura from The Laura Way & Nay from Coffee-N-Ink.

I’m writing this post sat on the floor of The Fountain while Chris and the team tidy up. We stopped by for a flying visit and I thought I’d use the time sort of wisely. I attempted to sort out Chris’s Valentine’s present but the shop I went to didn’t have what I needed so going to have to go out again later when I get in. This post was started last week so it’s like two weeks gratefulness.

So here are the things I’m grateful for this week:

Blogging Friends 
The last 12 hours or so we’ve been having a team effort fixing bits of coding – it’s take a few attempts and a few of us working on it but we’ve come together as a group and managed to fix it.

Customer Service
I managed to lose my Fitbit and yes I’m gutted! I spoke to Customer Service at FitBit and they’ve been able to offer some suggestions of things to try but I’m pretty sure it’s run out of charge now :( Their Customer Service warns you that they might not get back to you straight away and it could be up to two days – the response I got was within six hours! But then after replying I didn’t hear from them until Tuesday when I got a notification to tell me a “goodwill replacement” would be delivered on Thursday. However after not hearing back from them and trying the school to see if it had been handed in after Slimming World I went to buy a new Fitbit on Monday thinking that was enough time to wait. Well yesterday the “goodwill” replacement arrived so I now have a new one that I bought and a new one that I was “given” so what do I do now? Sell the replacement? Return the replacement I bought? Eek I don’t know!

My Parents
Again I am grateful for them. Yesterday they were originally having Jaxon so that we could go to Sixth Form Open Evening with Our Sidekick but we had a change of plan and ended up going for dinner with Our Sidekick. Extra focused time for him was needed so my parents still had Jaxon for us. They currently have Jaxon as we went to a fostering meeting that we have to do every so often.

Uncle S
He’s a superhero. So that Chris and I can do the marriage course he comes to our house and babysit the boys for us. It’s a long day for him as he does extra voluntary stuff before work on a Wednesday, does his full day at work, charges home to grab dinner then comes to ours to take over from me while we’re out.

Our Sidekick
I’m grateful for him because yesterday when he got in from his friend’s house after school he looked after Jaxon so that I could have a shower and have some time to myself before we went out. He was packing the papers for his round while looking after Jaxon and I think he had the television on too so it wasn’t like it was a chore (or at least I don’t think he found it was a chore).

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Dear Jaxon…7 Months

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Jaxon,

Last week you turned seven months old. I had got as far as writing this post but didn’t get as far as finishing it. There were too many exciting (and not so exciting adventures going on!)

You’ve recently got the hang of sitting up. Sometimes you have a wobble and fall forwards or backwards but overall you’re doing okay and getting there. When you’re lying down you often roll onto your side or sometimes on to your front but still not quite got the hang of rolling the other way.

One day this week I put you down for a nap and you managed to roll yourself onto your side in your sleep. You looked really comfortable and I figured that if you got uncomfortable or stuck then you’d wake up and cry rather than me move you and wake you up.

We keep trying to encourage you to have more tummy time as we think you might be about to skip crawling. If you lie down on your back you can wiggle yourself across the room given the chance. I kept checking on you but you were on the floor for about two hours one afternoon and had made it about a metre across the floor and were playing with the bottom of your chair.

You’ve just been moved up to the next stage on baby food but you’re not convinced – I don’t think you like the fact that you have to work for it by chewing up the lumps which weren’t there before!

Love you


Weight: You smashed 20lbs and you’re now 20lbs 5.5oz
Clothes: You’re in 6-9 months but in some things we’re heading towards 9-12 months just because you don’t fit!
Nappies: Size 4
Feeds: You still have milk during the day but for breakfast and dinner you get some solids.
Teeth: Still on the six although 7 and 8 can be felt in the gum.
Bedtime: We take you up around 9pm, you have a feed and then you head to bed, some nights are more settled that others but you nearly always get to sleep for about 3-4 hours in that first block.
Likes: You are a little telly addict so when Grandpa puts on Thomas and Friends especially for you then you’re glued!
Dislikes: You’re not a fan of the lumps in the new food but in order to move onto more yummier things is to eat those lumps and get used to it. You wouldn’t want blundered burgers or sausages lol.

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Let Your Blog Shine: Signs I am Getting Old

Let Your Blog Shine - Blog Prompts

Over on Facebook I’m part of a blogging group. On the Wednesdays of each month we have a group prompt that we’re all going to answer. This weeks’ prompt is…

Signs I am Getting Old

  • Quite a few kids that I used to babysit are graduating university this year!
  • The kids who were in my team at Gatecrashers who are now old enough to interview for part time or full time jobs in be building I worked in.
  • And those kids queue behind you in the pub to buy alcohol.
  • When you no longer know who is at Number 1 in the Top 40 unless you look it up on Google or tune in especially at quarter to seven on a Sunday evening to find out.
  • You’d rather order in dinner and binge watch TV on Netflix rather than go out clubbing or drinking.
  • You have more Grey’s than some of the people double your age (either that or the boys are giving them to me!)
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