Things I’m Grateful For 

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Each Friday I join with Ashley from Hello Nature and Laura from Ginger + Co to share the things I’m grateful for this week.

Parents They pretty much come up every week when I do this list. This week my Dad babysat Jaxon while I went to a meeting with my Mum and one of her clients. He also babysat last Friday so I could discuss a website with another client. 
The weather Yes, it was a little on the hot wide but at last it was dry. I do like it when it rains and I love thunderstorms but after a certain point it’s just nice for the sun to shine and to be able to get out and about rather than being stuck inside or doing the minimum outside. 

Friends and Invitations This week Jaxon and I were invited to go swimming at the Woburn Lido on Wednesday and on Thursday we had a walk in the park and then coffee and cake with two other lovely mummies and their children. Swimming was fun but Jaxon struggled with how cold the water felt. It was 24C in comparison to the air temperature which was low 30s. 

Weddings Probably a random thing to be grateful for but we went to one wedding last week which was one of my ex-colleagues marrying his girlfriend (actually I think he calls her his partner or lady friend rather than girlfriend) then tomorrow there’s a wedding at church as our friend is getting married. 

Let Your Blog Shine


Over on Facebook I’m part of a blogging group. On the Wednesdays of each month we have a group prompt that we’re all going to answer. This weeks’ prompt is…

If I Were President…

Well first of all it would be Prime Minister here in the UK rather than President.

Hannah might tell me off but I would (attempt to) reform education. In my opinion, I’m pretty sure that longer days, longer terms and/or more exams and testing isn’t going to improve the education system. I think the overhaul needs to come from the teachers rather than government. The current Minister for Education is Nicky Morgan, she attended a private High a School followed by Oxford and qualified as a Solicitor. The guy before her went to state schools and then went to an independent school, after which he went to Oxford too and then qualified as a journalist. Neither seem to have roots in education and yet clearly someone thinks they are the people for the job…

Each to their own I guess. I’d get a minister who had a background in education or had an idea of what they were on about. Maybe it would need a “back to the floor” sort of process.

We are blessed here in the UK to have the NHS but unfortunately it’s running into the red. The government keep coming up with suggestions and ideas about getting more doctors into General Practice or changing the way hospital works like bringing in Primary Trusts. They want to make it so that rather than running on a basic/skeleton staff in some departments they would run at full capacity – but if it’s anything like when we were in hospital this time last year when Jaxon arrived, even on a day when they were supposed to be fully staffed they weren’t and were struggling to deal with all the mums and babies who were on the ward. Anyway, the NHS needs an overhaul in someway – is there a right way? Who knows.

If you were president/prime minster for the day what would you do?

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Currently…29th June


Each Monday I start with a sum up of what’s currently happening around these parts – especially when some weeks seem to fly by quicker than others!

Feel like I’ve been watching lots of TV which isn’t so good but it’s really hard to get work done when Jaxon is awake. He’s been *obsessed* with my phone or my laptop when i try to get bits done so I either have to sit at Chris’s iMac so that I’m still in the living room but not at a level Jaxon can reach although I then feel kinda bad for facing the wall rather than facing into the room. TV programme wise I’ve been watching more Switched at Birth, I’m up to Season 4 so sort of had to slow down as Season 5 is probably ages away! Rich and I were discussing Game of Thrones earlier. I think I’m going to try Season 1 again but skip the remainder of Episode 1 and start with Episode 2. Then again at the same time I have plenty of programmes to be keeping up with. I really don’t need another! 

I’ve been reading blog posts and news articles but haven’t been reading books at all. Today I read chunks about the history of the Byng family. Chris is somehow reacted to Admiral John Byng and so we spent a chunk of the weekend working on the family history side of things and also ended up visiting All Saints Church at Southill where some of the Byng family are buried. I also added some more relatives to our sort of group family tree. Although it’s technically classed as Chris’s tree, with Jaxon being our son the tree starts from him and goes off in various directions. Turns out that I’m 1st cousins 1x removed via my sister in law to a lady at church who is like 1st cousins to my sister in law’s Mum or something like that. It is really fascinating to sort out out family history but I wish it was easier to do. Quite a few websites try to charge you a small fortune to try and find out about your history (is it me or is that a little unfair?) 

Where I feel I stand regarding the SCOTUS ruling. Okay I get I’m here in the Uk and so it doesnt affect me in the same way but I still feel conflicted and not sure now to vocalise how I  

Been working on the blanket some more. I received the first ball of wool, pattern and a new crochet hook from Little Lamb Wool which was super lovely of them. I then had to purchase extra balls. I found some on eBay where someone had bought extra balls for a project and then not used them all. It was quite handy but now I need to see if I can get some more as I think I will need some more for this blanket.

In progress blanket

Additional Wool for blanket

I’ve also got a second blanket on the go. It was an idea for one version a while back. Then I decided I wanted a full on large double bed size blanket that I could snuggle under on the sofa. It’s in progress and could take a while but I’m getting there. 

Better! I honestly could have cried on Thursday when I stood in the scales. It was horrible. That’s 3.5lbs that I’ve put on in 2 weeks. I want for them to all be gone when I weigh in on Thursday. I’d like to be back on track so I can keep trying to get to target while I’m on holiday. 

Working On:
Getting bits ready for Rukristin’s Find Your Voice Class. Very exciting. I guess we’ll have to see what I think. 

Let Your Blog Shine: 30 Interesting Facts About Me

Let Your Blog Shine - June Prompts

Over on Facebook I’m part of a blogging group. On the Wednesdays of each month we have a group prompt that we’re all going to answer. This weeks’ prompt is…

30 Interesting Facts About Me

  1. Next year I will be 30. On my pre-30 list there are a whole bunch of goals that I haven’t achieved yet and probably won’t achieve in the next ten months. I think I need to rewrite with things I can achieve.
  2. I have been a foster carer for almost four years. I have been a bio-mum for almost a year.
  3. My favourite colour is probably racing green followed by Dairy Milk Purple.
  4. You know it’s an important event it I’m wearing a dress. It doesn’t happen very often. It comes by like a blue moon. June is going to have two blue moons. One was for a thanksgiving service, one is for a wedding.
  5. My two top love languages are words of encouragement and acts of service followed by thoughtful gifts.
  6. I can play more music instruments than I have fingers. I play with varying levels of skill. One of those instruments is the Piccolo. My favourite piece to play on the Piccolo was the Sailor’s Hornpipe. It’s from a piece of music called Fantasia on British  Sea Songs and is played on the Laat Night of the Proms.
  7. I love to babywear. Jaxon is heading toward 23lbs but I’m still going. We had a little bit of bed sharing when Jaxon was younger as I wasn’t always managing to stay awake through night feeds.  I did try cloth nappies but we surrendered on that front and went with disposables.
  8. I really hate CIO but sometimes there’s nothing I can do when Jaxon won’t surrender and sleep. He’s too nosey to the point that he ends up overtired and still won’t give up.
  9. I’m nearly thirty and I still love Disney. It can’t be helped.
  10. I still don’t quite know what I want to be when I grow up but I’m a Mum and that was one I’ve always wanted to do.
  11. I’m self employed and work around looking after Jaxon. Some days it works and other days it doesn’t. Right now it’s a mixed bag. (My company is called Daisy Media).
  12. Two of my friends at university were both called Hannah as well (well one was Hannah and the other was Hanna). They are both bloggers now too. Hannah is here at Little Golden Daffodil and Hanna is here at Mummy of All Trades.
  13. Growing up I hated PE. I loved dance and gym but hated netball, rounders and especially athletics. Now I am following #C25K and hoping to run a proper 5K race later in the year. I’m thinking of doing it for charity and have one in mind already.
  14. The charity I think I am going to run for is Ann Conroy Trust. They support people who have been diagnosed with Chiari or Syringmyelia. My bestie Hannah has been diagnosed with Chiari. You can read all about it on her blog.
  15. I have 11lbs to my target weight. Time to be extra focused and kick that bit off now.
  16. I am short sighted. I’ve worn glasses pretty much every day since I was 13ish. I wore contacts for my wedding and for a uni performance and that’s about it.
  17. I love crochet and knitting. I just love to be able to see something I’ve mad grow in front of my eyes. My current project is a Sirdar Crofter baby blanket. The pattern is here and I got the first ball of wall from Little Lamb Wools.
  18. I attend a church where in Bedford which I love.
  19. I’m blessed with a heap of friends. Some are closer geographically than others but we can be closer by hearts rather than geographically and still have great relationships.
  20. I am part of The Peony Project, Find Your Voice and Let Your Blog Shine. (I’m even an ambassador for Find Your Voice. As if I needed something else to do right now!)
  21. I love making lists. I just to. It makes me calmer when I can see what I need to do (probably explains why I am writing this at 2am on my phone….). I currently keep adapting my to do list to try and find a system that works.
  22. I graduated university 8 years ago with a 2.2 (I was about 4 marks off a 2.1 or something tiny like that). My cousin graduated this summer (she got a 1st oh yeah!)
  23. I love colour. Usually all at the same time. For a long time when the “if you were a wax crayon what colour would you be?” question came up, my response was black and sparkly because I couldn’t make up my mind because I liked them all.
  24. I have sort of wishful Wunderlust. You see there are heaps and heaps of places that I want to visit but have zero idea if I’ll make it to any. I’m currently looking forward to exploring the UK more. I’d like to do more day trips with just me and Jaxon to do the tourist thing around local places.
  25. I love Lego. When I was a kid I’d regularly try to “help” my brother when secretly I wanted to do it all myself.
  26. I asked for a box of Lego for Christmas one year. I was 21/22. Chris and I built a whole town of houses across the floor of our living room. Hopefully when Jaxon is older we can get away with doing it and keeping it out for days.
  27. I find genealogy fascinating. My Grandad has done heaps to research our side of the family, so that’s kind of already done to a certain degree. I figured out that I’m related to one of the ladies at church. It’s something like first cousins once removed via my sister in law. It’s a bit of a stretch but we are related by marriage. Chris and I are working on how Chris (and Jaxon are related to ) to Admiral John Byng who was related to Viscount  Torrington. Admiral John Byng has links to Southill which is a village outside of Bedford.
  28. I’m a stationery addict. I spent a couple of nights back on April drawing out a sort of diary. Now it’s June and I’ve already decided the system doesn’t work and I need a new diary. I think I’m going for a week to view as long as Sunday is big enough for all the church events!
  29. Next week we are off to Legoland. We were offered free tickets and we accepted. It’ll be Jaxon’s second trip to a theme park and he’s not even 1 yet.
  30. I love the song Layla by Eric Clapton. However it has to be the proper version with the guitar solo and piano solo. The acoustic version will pass but it’s all about those extra touches.

Currently…21st June


Each Monday I start with a sum up of what’s currently happening around these parts – especially when some weeks seem to fly by quicker than others!

Chris and I caught up on the latest part of Humans, I’m not entirely keen on it as they Synthetics still give me the heebies but he seems to be enjoying it so I can put up with it – I think I sat and crocheted my way through it the other day while he watched. According to NowTV I’m up to Season Four of Switched at Birth but on the Wiki page I’m still on Season Three so that’s a bit confusing (Oh well I know where I’m up to and I’m about to run out of episodes!). Our Sidekick and I watched the Season finale of The Big Bang Theory and I shouted at the TV. 

I finished reading More TV Vicar? by Bryony Taylor. I haven’t really got to reading anything new. I’ve found by the time I’ve got to bed this week I’ve struggled to keep my eyes open to read. 

Have managed to do that thing where I get distracted mid project so I am working on the blue blanket while sat in bed for example then working on a second project downstairs around fighting Jaxon for my wool or trying to make sure he doesn’t climb the furniture or something like that. 

Another bad weekend on the food front. I went out twice on Friday followed by the ladies meal on Saturday. Although they were all really lovely times and made memories, they really didn’t help my waistline.

Working On:
Determined to make sure July is more organised than June has been. We’re away for a little while so need to be organised and on track. 

Let Your Blog Shine: What I Wore Today

Let Your Blog Shine - June Prompts

Over on Facebook I’m part of a blogging group. On the Wednesdays of each month we have a group prompt that we’re all going to answer. This weeks’ prompt is…

What I Wore Today

I pretty much live in my jeans apart from when I’m out attempting to do some exercise or they are in the wash. As you can see they are a bit over loved to the point that I’ve had to trim the straggly bits off the bottom and now I have one leg longer than the other. These are by Next and the style is Boy Fit – I really like them as they are comfortable and baggy but now I’ve lost weight they are actually too big and I can take them on and off without needing to undo the belt or the button. I keep trying on new jeans in the right size for now but I can’t find any that are comfortable enough. I’m guessing there are probably some out there I just need to start having a proper look. I tried on a couple of pairs in Primark the other week when I took Our Sidekick shopping – the 14s were okay but a little baggy so I tried on the 12s and they nearly cut me in half. I guess it’s going to be a challenge even when I am a smaller size. My Very Trashed Jeans

I love Breton stripes – Wiki Fashion, and because of the version of nerd that I am, I love the history too. Technically this isn’t a Breton shirt but it’s that idea. Breton stripes should be navy blue with white in between (and there should also be 21 stripes on the shirt but that’s a technicality). The French Navy uniform consisted of a Breton shirt the idea being it was easier to spot sailors when they fell overboard because of the stripes. This particular shirt is a Primark special, I did have a couple of tops that were specifically maternity wear but the rest of my shirts were normal T-shirts a couple of sizes bigger to compensate for my bump while I was pregnant with Jaxon – it was definitely a cheaper option. As you can see it’s a bit stretched round the tummy but it’s quite comfortable and easy enough to feed Jaxon while wearing it.

Stripey T-Shirt

On Monday I attended a thanksgiving service. I didn’t have any suitable shoes to wear so ended up wearing my flip flops. I grabbed this nail varnish and painted my toe nails so that they at least looked a little nicer than they normally do! This is Tempest by China Glaze, I’m not quite sure where I got it from but I really like the colour. It’s a blue purple when on, as you can see in the picture below. (I got some feedback from some friends about my blog and the comment was not enough pictures – so here we go with trying something new).

China Glaze Nail Varnish

China Glaze Tempest

Jaxon and I both have cold which is really rubbish – his keeps getting to the point that he ends up with his nose running all the way down his face! I keep trying to blow his nose but it really upsets him as he doesn’t like the tissue being in his face.

Do you have a particular outfit that you reach for when you’re chilling out at home? 

Currently…15th June


Each Monday I start with a sum up of what’s currently happening around these parts – especially when some weeks seem to fly by quicker than others!

I’ve watched all sorts again this week. I watched Episode 2 of Pretty Little Liars on Wednesday when it went live on Netflix. I finished Season 1 of Switched at Birth and started episode 2. Chris and I watched a documentary about kids who are excluded from school for bad behaviour and aggression and attend a Education Unit/behavioural school. Yesterday evening while getting some posts written I watched a documentary called The Secret World of Lego then watched the first part of Humans (the new drama on Channel 4). (Just over half way through the episode – it’s okay but the Synthetics give me the creeps).

Still reading More TV Vicar? by Bryony Taylor. Almost at the end then trying to decide what to read next – ideally I need to get some of my “Currently Reading” list cleared before I start anything new. Then again the new Giovanna Fletcher book comes out this week – maybe I need to clear at least one book before starting a new book…Dream a Little Dream.

I added this category thinking it would be really easy to answer but actually I don’t really know some weeks what I’m wondering.

I got through about four or five rounds of the blanket pattern only to find that it was curling because of my tension. Mum suggested what to do next so I followed the steps, except when I finished the ball on Saturday I realised that something was wrong. It was curling up

My crochet project

This weekend has been a disaster for eating – we went to see Chris’s Auntie which meant we were definitely well fed. I guess it balanced out a bit having done Race for Life on Sunday Morning but still not great – guess I better get more walking in this week before I weigh in again.

Working On:
Getting blog posts organised and planned rather than trying to attempt to keep up each day.

10 Ways to Use a Muslin – Babymoov Muslin Challenge

I’m sure at some point I must have questions what a muslin cloth was for. I’m pretty sure I must have used one when I was younger and got to feed my cousin but I think when I was writing the list of things to purchase for Jaxon’s arrival I was never 100% why I would need muslin cloths (and how many I would need!)blanket-sets

A bunch of bloggers and myself were challenged by Babymoov to find 10 uses for their muslin squares. Their lovely muslin cloths come in a wide range of designs but I chose the DandyChic patterns as they were fun and seemed quite masculine (other than the rock design they are all quite girlie). The set of 3 is £19.99, for that price you get 3 muslins, one larger one which is 80cm x 80cm and two smaller ones which are 60cm x 60cm. It’s a little more than I would spend if I was buying them for me/Jaxon but the set would make a lovely present for a mummy to be.

1 and 2. Superheroes!

This is a silly one to start with but because of how wide the muslin cloth is, it works perfect for a superhero cape. In our house my nickname is SuperHan, I’ve also been nicknamed SuperMum too. Well I had to join in the fun too then…

Super Jaxon's Hero Cape


3. Swaddle

With Jaxon being a summer baby and arriving in the middle of a heatwave last year we would regularly swaddle him in a lightweight blanket or swaddle in a muslin. For the best part of July when we were at home he was living in a nappy and no clothes, he’d have a muslin wrapped round him to keep him “warm” (that sounds sort of strange in the middle of a heatwave!) He wouldn’t lay still for me to swaddle him so teddy had to assist. I couldn’t find my baby doll she must have grown legs and ran away in a Toy Story kind of way.


4. Sunshade (in the car)

We have the adjustable window shades so normally don’t need the muslin too but sometimes on long journeys you find that the sun comes in around the shade and you need the extra cover to block out the sunshine. We also found this worked really well on a long road trip. I would sit in the back with Jaxon and found that I could lean over his seat and give him a quick top up feed. It would only be for a couple of minutes but it meant that Jaxon got a feed and Chris wouldn’t be distracted by a crying baby. Sunshade

5. Sunshade (on the buggy)

Sunshade (on the buggy)

Back to July last year, having ended up having surgery I wasn’t allowed to drive for six weeks, which meant that i had to rely on Chris and My Mum to play taxi to me, which drove me nuts! I’m so used to being able to drive myself that it was really hard. I did however get out and walk heaps – this probably assisted with losing the baby weight which is good. As part of that I started carrying a handful of washing pegs around with me to peg the muslin onto the buggy because the sun kept going into Jaxon’s face but if I put up both the hoods on the buggy then he’d cook because of the sun shining on it. The muslin meant that a breeze could get in and uncook the baby (but it did need to be pegged on securely – I guess safety pibs might have also worked well).

6. Nap Time For Toys

Well if it can work for baby why not for the baby’s toys? (Yeah I know sort of scraping the barrel here!). Funny that I picked two musical toys that would probably keep you awake rather than help you sleep.

Nap Time

7. Spaghetti Dinner!

When I was younger, my dad use to joke that Mum had done spaghetti or tagliatelle for dinner because he was wearing a white t-shirt. So that was my inspiration for this one. It works as a bib for babies – it also doubles up as a bib for Mummy (or Daddy) on spaghetti night. I also found it works well while eating heaps of pineapple to try and encourage a baby to appear (however be prepared, the enzyme in the pineapple does interesting things to your lips!)

Spaghetti Dinner


8. Breastfeeding Cover and Burp Cloth

Those of you who know me know that Jaxon hates being covered so now I just get on with feeding him rather than fighting and most of the time when I was using a cover it was an actual cover made for the job (I had two but my favourite was the cover by Faye and Lou).

However, I have a mental to do list as long as my arm so sometimes I would take the muslin and use that. I’d sling it over my shoulder like in my rubbish awkward picture below and hold Jaxon and feed him. It would also then be in the right position to move him round and use it as a burp cloth.

9. Changing Mat

Here is teddy being a cloth bum, I decided for the sake of Jaxon’s sanity when he’s older, I wouldn’t take a picture of him in the near nuddy and share it with the internet. He can do that by accident in the future or something anyway, teddy is being very good and remaining still while I snapped this one (he’s sporting a Charlie Banana in case anyone wondered hehe). Boys (and I’m guessing girls too) have this way of holding in their pee until you take off their nappy and then they go for a wee then and there. Boys also have this way of making it go everywhere!

Muslin or a terry towelling square work really well, you lay it down before baby and then if baby decides to pee, you scoop up the muslin/towel and chunk it in the wash. it also means that baby doesn’t get a cold behind on the changing mat. When you’re out and about it’s handy too because although a lot of changing mats have those pockets for the disposable sheets they are often empty.

10. Fashion Statement

Now I don’t have an image for this final one, but lend me your imagination just for a second. When we were on holiday and Jaxon was about twelve weeks old and still 100% breastfed. So his nappies were often very runny. On this particular occasion, Jaxon had let out a massive blow off followed by the tell tale sound which meant that I had to go change him. Somewhere between our table and the baby changing room which was upstairs, the nappy had leaked and I had a streak down the front of my shirt. Although I had a change of clothes for him, all my clean clothes were about 2 and a bit miles away in the hotel.

In the end I came up with an idea. I grabbed the muslin and tied it around my ribs (just under my chest). I then turned it round so that it sort of looked like a really random apron. It did look a bit silly – it definitely clashed with my t-shirt but it worked until we could get to a shop and buy me a cheap replacement t-shirt to get me back to the hotel without looking super embarrassed lol.

Note to self: if Jaxon has a younger sibling, always pack a clean shirt/vest top in the changing bag

This is a sponsored post, I was supplied with a pack of 3 muslins in exchange for the post and my challenge ideas.

Let Your Blog Shine: Collection

Over on Facebook I’m part of a blogging group. On the Wednesdays of each month we have a group prompt that we’re all going to answer. This weeks’ prompt is…


I’m not sure when it started but I’ve been collecting VW Campervan and Beetle bits and pieces for a while now.

I think it was some time around when I learnt to drive because I wanted an old style VW Beetle (think Herbie). The chances of me ever having an actual one is very small so for now I collect toy cars and memorabilia.

This is almost all my collection minus about three bits which are stored elsewhere because of little hands that like to play with things.

I have two VW Campervan planter tubs for the garden and a RC VW Campervan as well. They were both for my birthday this year.

Salt and pepper shakers. I’m sure they could be used in the kitchen but I think I’d stick with them being looked at rather than used.

These three can be played with as they are actual toy cars. The two VW Beetles are by Matchbox. I’m not sure about the Campervan though.

So this is my collection, what do you collect? 

Maybe it’s You Are Here mugs from Starbucks like Shelby or maybe something quirky and strange. I’d love to know so please share in the comments. 

Dear Jaxon…11 Months

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Jaxon…

So that month was short because I messed up with the posts. Today you’re 11 months old which means it’s your birthday in a month! There is so much to do. Thankfully Grandma is going to help me with a big to do list so that my brain doesn’t melt in a puddle!

Most nights you still have a feed around midnight. It’s just for a few minutes and enough for us to have a last minute snuggle before bed. You tend to sleep pretty much from that feed to around 6am. Sometimes a cheeky quick drink sneaks in around 3 or 5am depending on what’s happening. I think the lighter evenings are confusing you a little especially when we put you to bed.

This weekend was a little crazy and in four days you saw Nanny, Grandad and Auntie RaeRae twice and Grandma and Grandpa once. When Nanny, Grandad and Auntie RaeRae came round you ended up having a second nap but it was almost 4pm so you were really not happy. You’d been with Nanny and Auntie RaeRae. I think you were maybe a little overwhelmed but I was in the garden so couldn’t entirely tell. Because of the extra nap you really didn’t want to go to bed and you ended up staying awake about an hour or an hour and a half later than bedtime. Daddy was sneaky and gave you some pineapple and ham off the pizza that we had, had for tea. You really liked it (I promise it’s not a normal thing!)

This month it all seemed to go a bit mad in your mouth. You added two more teeth to the collection. They were both on the bottom. One is your lateral incisor on the bottom and the other is your first molar. Now according to the chart I read – you’re not supposed to have your first molar until at least 14 months! Then again by the same chart your lateral incisor is due between 10 and 16 months so you’re speedy on that one too.

You’ve been getting more confident with your cruising and occasionally let go with one hand and turn so you can assess where you’re off to next. You did have a bad bump on Friday and I got a bit worried that I might have to take you to the doctor but Grandpa and Grandma came to my rescue and we all decided that seeing that you were smiling from ear to ear and were busy playing with your toys rather than exhibiting any symptoms of concussion we wouldn’t rush to the GPs immediately.

We’ve done lots more walking now that the weather is getting better. Last week you spend some time in the garden with our friends. You loved playing with the ball pit balls. However I think you did think they were food at one point!

Love you baby boy

Mummy x

Weight: 22lbs 4oz
Clothes: you’re in 9-12 months but do wear a couple of 12-18 outfits as standard.
Nappies: Size 4
Feeds: Just breast milk and water with meals unless you’re somewhere without me. Food wise you’re eating more. For ages you refused to eat the 7+ jars. Then earlier this week I bought a 10+ jar and you gobbled it all down minus whatever is let to repossess.
Teeth: 8! You have 8 teeth now.
Bedtime: 7pm minus a Thursday where bedtime gets messy.
Naptimes: It tends to be 2 hours in the morning followed by a shorter map at some point in the afternoon when needed.
Likes: Thomas the Tank Engine and the rubber ducks we got or were given for the bath.
Dislikes: You don’t always like naptime which means sometimes we have to put you down and leave you but we do make sure the radio is on or there is music playing.