Goals for 2015 – Finance

My two main goals when it came to the finance section of my Goals for 2015 were to (1) Save up for a new MacBook and (2) General save (rainy day sort of saving).

After discussing the first with Chris and how it relates to me starting Daisy Media, we came up with a couple of plans. The final of which is the one that’s happening as we speak. He purchased his MacBook about 6-8 months after me which meant that it’s a slightly newer spec than my white MacBook. It also means that it’ll still run OS X Yosemite which is the newest OS that came out towards the end of last year. If he need to use a computer he heads for his iMac (which I have been using while he’s at work) rather than his MacBook.

So in the plan I end up adopting his MacBook, clearing it and starting from scratch – I got as far as the clearing it and starting from scratch but since about lunchtime OS X Yosemite has been downloading. It’s so almost there – 0.04GB to go so very close to installing.

That means I’ve sort of completed Goal 1 and am heading for Goal 2.

Currently…26th January


Currently… image from rukristin

Pretty Little Liars (Season 2)
House M.D. (Season 1 – have gone back to the beginning while feeding. That way if Jaxon wakes up I already know what happens).
Death in Paradise (Series 2 – come on! I want Camille to know how Humphrey feels about her already!!)

Smitten Book Club by Colleen Coble, Kristin Billerbeck, Diann Hunt and Denise Hunter.


Working on The Pavement Blanket. Also started crocheting extra squares to use up some of my stash. They aren’t big squares but the idea is I should get two or three squares out of each ball (if not a few more!)

Been working on my business plan and some others bits.


January’s Favourite Post Link-Up

January Favorite Post


Ashley from Hello Nature, Lexy from Crazy Cass Life, Nicole from a la Maxfield and Hannah from Hannah Says

My favorite post from January:

My favourite post would have to be Jaxon turning six months. It’s crazy to believe that half a year ago I was holding a new born. Now I have this baby that is gaining a personality at a rate of knots. Here’s to the next six months.

Now link up your favorite post from January!


To Park or Not To Park…? (Part Two)

Could someone enlighten me to the intended users of Parent and Child spaces at a number of the local supermarkets?

I ask this question as a mother of a six month old baby, who currently rides in a rear facing carrier which is part of a travel system. Back in April I wrote a blog post about whether expectant mothers could use the spaces as I was six months pregnant. I found I struggling to get in and out of my car when I parked in normal width spaces due my own extra width and the lack of space between two parked cars. And on this particular occasion a car had parked too close to my car and I was only just able to squeeze my six month pregnant bump into the car.

When I approached the mainstream supermarkets (Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Asda) about their rules around pregnant ladies using their Parent and Child spaces while in their stores.

Tesco, Morrisons and Asda all agreed that as an expectant mother I could use the space however Sainsbury’s said that I could only use the space if accompanied by a child under the age of 12 unless I spoke to the individual store Customer Service Manager for special permission. I’m guessing I could have argued that a 30 week old foetus was under the age of 12 and was accompanying me but that wasn’t the point.

A couple of months ago, I took my baby to the doctors and ended up talking to a gentleman about how much of a challenge it can be to get the car seat out in supermarkets and he attempted to justify that Blue Badge holders could park in Parent and Child spaces when there aren’t enough Blue Badge spaces available and they weren’t accompanied by a child. Is this really allowed or has someone adopted the idea and it’s spread?

Furthermore, This week I have been to the Aldi store on Church Lane twice. On the first occasion there were no Parent and Child spaces available so I had to park in a normal space and manoeuvre the baby carrier from the car without causing damage to the car next to me. However as I walked towards the store two ladies left the store and returned to their cars, both weren’t accompanied by children and when I glanced into their cars there were no car seats. On the second visit (I didn’t have my child with me on this occasion), a young gentleman was loading his shopping into the boot of his car and although he had a “baby on board” yellow sign in the back of his car, he wasn’t accompanied by a child. Also on leaving the store there was another lady leaving her car to enter the store and again had parked in the Parent and Child space without being accompanied by a child.

Am I misunderstanding the intentional use of these spaces? If I’m allowed to use it when I’m not accompanied by my six month old child then I’ll start using them all the time instead of for their intended use.

I’m more and more tempted to start carrying slips like this.

This is a Parent and CHILD space. You seem to have forgotten your child

Found here – it’s titled My Parent and Child Parkin Crusade. I’d like to buy this lady a coffee and a slice of cake because I think it’s so simple but an absolutely genius idea.

Currently…19th January


Currently… image from rukristin

Dirty Little Liars (I had been watching it in the past but stopped for some reason)
House M.D. (more rewatching of Season 1)
Elementary (Season 2 – been working our way through it altogether)

Smitten Book Club by Colleen Coble, Kristin Billerbeck, Denise Hunter and Diann Hunt. I was looking through the books in the The Word for a present for my cousin who turned 21 this weekend and found this and it looked interesting. It means I’ve started another book without finishing what I’m currently reading – I think I’ll add it to my Goals for 2015 to cut down my In Progress reading list.

As I write this post I’m listening to the boys chatter in the kitchen, Chris is feeding Jaxon and Our Sidekick is making dinner for us all. I also have the original We Will Rock You soundtrack playing as I had it playing when I was working on a website for one of my Daisy Media clients before her important meeting on Thursday.

More new friends. We’re forming a sort of Mummy Tribe and so far so good, we’re having our first coffee morning this week which should be good – we’re meeting at one of the lady’s house and currently have a waiting list of sorts because of there being restricted places at the lady’s house.



TGIF: Things I’m Grateful For


Things I'm Grateful For

Joining up with:
Ashley from Hello Nature, Laura from The Laura Way & Nay from Coffee-N-Ink.

Opportunities A text message from my Mum started it but I think that was prompted by a conversation she had where she was on Monday and it’s gone from there. It’s a really good opportunity and very exciting.

Prayer Partners There’s a three of us and we’re encouraging each other in our faith but also other aspects of being a lady. One lady had teenage kids, one lady has her husband and her gorgeous fur baby. We’re each different in the sense we aren’t all employed in the same field or are the same age for example and get we’ve come together to give each this support. I’m very grateful to them especially this week which has been a little crazy.

Our Sidekick he got his mock GCSE results this week and some were what he expected and others weren’t. We had a little falling out yesterday and so I was a little worried that he’d be equally upset today. When he got in from school he wasn’t upset like yesterday and we had a lovely chat. He even arrived home with doughnuts that he’d bought himself. (Not going to help the waistline but when you’re teenager does something sweet like that you suck it up and deal with it!)

Two Other Mothers I’m a member of various pro-breastfeeding groups on FB. One of these has encouraged lots of little tribes to spring up to support the ladies around them who might need support and encouragement. The one that covers the UK doesn’t seem to be working a the moment. I commented on the page and explained that I needed some advice (and given its to do with breastfeeding Jaxon it was fairly urgent). Well two lovely ladies from Denver, Colorado were like “if you like join our group” so I’m an honorary/adopted Denverite for that group. I won’t get to go to meet ups and things like that but they are on the end of a FB message if I need someone which is super lovely.

Plane Tickets My friend is coming home for a couple of weeks from her mission trip and I’m soooo excited! When she left Jaxon was a bump and she’s been watching him grow from FB and emailed pictures. Now she gets to see him in person and I get to hug her for the first in nearly 10 months!! So excited to see her!

Secret Santa

I’m a member of a blogging tribe and we held a secret santa swap before Christmas. I have been part of this group for a couple of months and love the random conversations that happen some days. Recently it’s all been about how cold it is in Texas (The Laura Way), Indiana (Karen’s blog that I don’t have a link for at the moment) and Wisconsin (Hello Nature) and how this compares to Bedford as I’m pretty sure that I’m the only UK person. Now, for what I got in my Secret Santa package back in December.

The partner that I sent to was Shelby in California. You can read her post about her present here.

I received a present from Ashley from Hello Nature.






I also received a bar of Hershey’s Cookies and Cream with a special Christmas wrapper which is my favourite and some mini Reese’s peanut butter cups that I shared with the boys (again some of my favourites).

The little green box like thing in the top picture is a journal. It’s really pretty and I just don’t know what to write in it. (I was proper organised and took photos as I opened the present and yet half of them have vanished!)

My First Car #myfirstwheelscomp

Sometime around February/March 2003, with some assistance from my Mum I applied for my first licence. I was determined that I would learn to drive. For my 17th birthday I was given a “batch” of lessons. Around this time I also got a new part time job at a local Builder’s Merchant/DIY Store so that I could pay for additional lessons.

The first driving school I went with was a local company and the chap who owned the driving school was some how related to the chap who owned the local shop at that point in time. My instructor was lovely to start with but could be quite short and horrible at other times. I spent my first lesson mainly talking rather than driving but having never had a driving lesson before I went with the flow and figured that was just the way it went. I would book my lessons so that I got collected from school and dropped off at home, that way I didn’t have to walk home on driving lesson days. It was quite handy especially if it was an early finish day because of free periods. Fast forward about 10 months (I know it was before my 18th birthday but not sure how much before it). I went to Milton Keynes (again with my Mum) to sit my theory test. Quite a few of the hazard perception videos had been filmed around Bedford so I got a little distracted identifying the different streets. Even with that I passed my test and got my practical booked once I’d spoken to my instructor.

I took my practical but it didn’t go smoothly, I messed up my bay park in the exam centre car park when I got back and that was that. Having said that I nearly always “nose first” park now and probably couldn’t reverse park in our current car even if I tried! My instructor was about to drop me off home and we had a debrief. I’m not sure how it when now but I just remember her blaming me, how it was my fault for booking my test when I wasn’t ready (she said I was ready before I went in!).

I was upset at failing when I’d felt so confident so I think I told her I would be in touch if I wanted to book another lesson. Thankfully my parents were understanding and I booked my next lesson with the chap that my best friend had passed with. (He did a good job because my brother went with him too).

About three weeks or maybe a month after my 18th birthday I passed my driving test. My dad happened to be home that day so when he saw the instructor park the car a few doors along from my parents house he got up from his chair and waited near the front door for me. I was really excited and practically skipped down the street, as I let myself in with my keys, my Dad opened the door so I almost fell over into him! He gave me a big hug and told me about the prank he had played on my Grandma when he took his test.

I wasn’t able to afford a car myself outright but my parents were in the position to help me out. My first car was shared with my Dad and was a blue Ford Fiesta that got nicknamed Whippy.

It looked like this although it didn’t have the front lights like this one.

Ford Fiesta - Similar to Whippy - My first car

I don’t remember ever going to test drive it or even see it before they bought it as I think my Dad did the test drive while I was at work one Saturday. There was a particular reason why I couldn’t drive it straight away I think to do with the tax or the MOT but the car lived in my Grandparent’s garden/driveway for about three weeks.

My grandparents live in a village and their driveway runs along side the house and then into their back garden. It meant that I could drive the car off the concrete paving where it was parked up the driveway to the gate and then reverse it down the driveway back to the grass and start again. Sometimes I’d practice manoeuvres like reversing around an imaginary corner or attempting to parallel park in like with the edge of the grass that ran along side the drive. It was sort of silly but made me feel all grown up and like it was my car.

The car had previously belonged to a Boy Racer who had tweaked with a lot of the wiring. If you went over a speed bump or pot hole too quick you could get the CD to jump. In my second car if you took a roundabout too fast it would bring the petrol light on and then switch off again when you straightened up!

In the end Whippy had seen it’s best days. It was mine for about 5 or 6 months and then had to be taken to the scrap yard as that was all it was worth. My Dad thought I’d be teary when we took it to the dump but I was okay. I think I ended up more attached to my second car which was my sunshine yellow Fiat Seicento.

Fiat Seicento - my second car (not this exact one but close enough!)

This is my entry into Insurance Revolution’s My First Wheels blogger competition. You can find info about how to enter here. Entries must be in by the 30th January. Good luck!!

The Prize
The winner of the My First Wheels competition will win:

A Head to Head driving Experience at Silverstone. With this experience, you’ll get to drive two incredible cars on Silverstone’s world famous circuits. You’ll take the wheel in a F430 Ferrari Coupe and an Aston Martin VH Vantage. This will truly let you test the cars and live the rest of your days capable of having an informed opinion on the key question: “What drives better? A Ferrari or an Aston Martin?”


Overnight accommodation at the nearby Park Inn by Radisson Hotel on the day of your experience or the day before.

Goals for 2015


I’ve never been one for making resolutions. Doing Slimming World this long and losing weigh has been about the only one I’ve properly kept. I’ve got a lovely group of friends encouraging me to get to that goal. I decided to add some more to the list. It’s now the 13th January and although it’s taken me this long to blog about my goals for 2015, I have actually started quite a few of them.


  • Journal my way through the year
  • Have a date night with Chris at least once a month (without the boys)
  • Get to weight target
  • Complete food diary (to aid in the weigh target goal)
  • Attempt to complete step goals twice a week at least
  • Purchase and update diary
  • Sew the cross stitch kit from Christmas (it is Christmas themed but it’ll be ready for use at Christmas)
  • Reduce/Clear my In Progress reading list – see Goodreads for the current standing
  • Crochet “pavement” blanket
  • Keep on track with penpals
  • Learn how to knit socks
  • Knit a pair of socks
  • Try and get some sort of routine for Jaxon (I know he doesn’t always run to a routine but I want to try and get some sort of schedule including naps etc)


  • Create Daisy Media website
  • Keep blog updated 2/3 times a week
  • Complete Website 1
  • Redesign Website 2


  • Clear out DVDs
  • Temporary fix then proper fix the Summerhouse
  • Paint all the fencing
  • Sort the living room
  • Sort the bedroom
  • Sort under the bed
  • Keep on top of sorting Jaxon’s clothes (space in the nursery is limited so have to make sure we keep on top of sorting out the clothes that are too small as he grows out of them)
  • Learn to boil an egg (oh it sounds really silly but I tried to boil eggs a couple of weeks ago and when I went to peel the first it popped all over the work top and was still raw inside….oh dear!)


  • Save up for a new MacBook
  • General save (rainy day sort of saving)

Do you have a list of goals to achieve this year? Or are you like I’ve been in the past and not created a list? Please share your links in the comments I’d love to read them.

Currently…12th January


Currently… image from rukristin

Scandal (Season 4)
Running Wild with Bear Grylls
House M.D. (from the very beginning)
Veronica Mars (Dad was watching it on Friday)

Facebook or news stories which is good and bad. Need to get on with reading actual books.

UCB and BBC Radio 2. Usually switch over to Radio 2 for Popmaster or have it on in the car as I can’t get UCB.

New Friends, went to a coffee morning for the local Attached Parenting group. Was lovely to meet new people although Jaxon was the youngest there I think.

I’ve been working on all sorts of bits. At the moment I have a calendar out in front of me figuring out when to blog and what to do.

Still on the motivated thing. Apart from yesterday when I had a headache. Even managed two extra naps yesterday. I think the second probably made the headache worse rather than better.