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I’m still working my way through Voyager. This weekend while we were away I ended up watching Grand Designs and Red Dwarf. I also watched a documentary about the Ghan Railway in Australia that runs from Adelaide to Darwin via Alice Springs. One of the stops along the way is Quorn, one of my penpals live there so I got a bit excited about that.


Having finished the beta reading project I got a bit distracted on Saturday night and read over 100 pages in my reading book and actually ended up finishing it. I was reading The Doris Day Vintage Film Club. It was a nice easy read for while I was on holiday. I’d picked it up in the Oxfam shop too so that was for a good cause. I have a couple of library books still to read so I think I’m going to renew them today and then keep reading them. After that I need to decide what to read next. Think I need to read my other charity shop book purchase – I think it’s a C. J. Samson one which might be a bit heavier to read but we’ll see.


Jaxon's Mummy Made JumperBeen working my way through all sorts and have ended up with some really slightly random playlist on Spotify. For example, I had Midnight Train to Georgia by Gladys Knight and The Pips, followed by Right Back Where We Started From by Maxine Nightingale. But then there were a few more twists like Bat Out of Hell by Meat Loaf and Say Geronimo by Say Hey So (which was added after Strictly this weekend).


I’ve now finished Jaxon’s jumper and have been starting on some new projects. Currently have two baby blankets on the go.



Better following being away for the weekend but now need to get on with some more work now that we’re back. Some is easy and some is hard work but I’ll get on with it and all will be well.


Managed to get Jaxon’s passport sorted out so that’s all exciting. Having been to the seaside this weekend that’s one adventure done and time to start planning the next one.


The time we got to spend together this weekend.

What have you been up to currently? Have you been watching or reading anything in particular?

Haven Holiday 2016: Day Two

We had a false start to our day when Our Sidekick got up for the loo at 4.30 yesterday morning. Chris heard the door go and though Jaxon was up and wandering round so he jumped out of bed and dashed for the door. As he opened our bedroom door I think he scared the living daylights out of Our Sidekick who wasn’t expecting anyone else to be up at that time. Chris came back to bed and we went back to sleep until about 7am ish when Jaxon woke up. I was still half asleep so I’m glad that Chris was up and sorted Jaxon out. 

Jaxon ended up parked in the middle of us watching Thomas on the iPad while I squeezed in a little more sleep. Chris was on the other side of Jaxon playing on his phone.

Started the day with breakfast. We could have booked a high chair if needed but Jaxon is in an in between phase. Some days he wants to use a high chair and other times he doesn’t . We had come prepared for this and grabbed the spare duvet cover that we had brought with us to work as a chair cover. Thankfully the caravan had Lino/laminate flooring so if anything went on the floor it was easy to clear up. 

Once we’d had breakfast, Chris took the car to the charging point (I think he had 4 or 5 attempts at different ones in the end because of faulty ones). Jaxon and I played and watched TV or what we could find. I got on with some knitting while he played. I think he was feeling the late night and ended up pretty much playing while lying on the floor. 

Having looked at Google Maps, Chris took the bus back to the camp site rather than walking back. One of the local bus services drops off right outside the park so if you were coming to Haven by public transport you could get from Great Yarmouth on the bus. We discussed how easy it would be to get from Bedford to the park on the train or bus. It would involve possibly getting a lift to Cambridge to start with but wouldn’t be impossible. 

Once Chris got back to the site we went swimming in the on site pool. It was quite busy and nearly all the lockers were in use (minus one that didn’t have a working lock). It did need a £1 coin to use it and fortunately Chris had brought his wallet with him as I’d left mine in the caravan. It’s been quite a while since Jaxon has been swimming so at first he wasn’t convinced about getting in the pool. We started in the small pool which mean Jaxon could actually walk around in the water. After a little while we went to get into the big pool, Chris and I took it in turns to hold Jaxon while the other one tried to entertain him. A lot of older girls and boys were jumping in the pool, so I would jump up and down in the water and then Chris would lift Jaxon up and splash him into the water like he’d jumped in. Jaxon did calm down and settle into being in the water. Towards the end we went back to the smaller pool, Jaxon had got out and walked from Chris to me round the edge then slipped over and hit his forehead on the floor. The lifeguards were so good! Before I’d even got out of the pool and got to Jaxon, Chris and the lifeguard were there checking on Jaxon. The lifeguard checked the nearest first aid kit for an ice pack but there wasn’t one so he then got another lifeguard to grab a second kit while stay with Jaxon, Chris and I. The second lifeguard came back really promptly with the second kit and the first lifeguard got the ice pack while Chris and I wrestled Jaxon between us to try and keep the ice pack on his head. I was then asked to fill in the first aid report – fine no problem but I didn’t have my glasses on so had to keep squinting at the form! Just hope it’s readable if anyone needs to re-read it in the future. 

Following swimming we went back to the caravan. Jaxon was getting hungry but it was still a bit early for lunch so we gave him one of the Mamia pouches I’d been given as part of #MamiaDaysOut. Definitely better than popping to the shop for a bag of chocolate buttons! 

Chris headed off to check the car and it turned out that although the app for the post he was using said it was charging the actual Renault app said that Zoe wasn’t charging.

While Chris was out it was lunchtime so Jaxon and I headed to the site shop to get the bits to make sandwiches. We also got iced doughnuts to share between us and Our Sidekick. After lunch, Chris returned to the campsite with Zoe the EV, he’d found a charger that would work and had enough charge for us to go to and from Great Yarmouth and then get as far as a McDonalds at Blofield that had a charging point to get us into Norwich to use another point while we explore. (The staff at the McDonald’s near Blofield are just so lovely! Although just a bit bemused as you have to pull through the drive through to be able to use the electric car charging point – oh and the particular point has a name like an Eddie Stobart lorry!). 

Once Chris got back to the caravan park we headed into Great Yarmouth for a bit of a wander. We walked from the car park at South Quay down to the sea front. It was quite windy but didn’t deter us. Jaxon wasn’t keen on the stones in the sand but got used to it and was happy pottering along the beach holding Daddy’s hand. 

Jaxon, Chris and I went for a paddle in the sea. Our Sidekick was quite happy wandering along a patch of beach where there was more sand than stones. 

I was stood just at the edge of the waves as they were coming in and some of the stones gave way under my foot and nearly fell over. Thankfully I just ended up with wet trousers and didn’t fall over. 

After this we headed back up the beach to the promenade. We then wandered along the sea front towards the pier and then to see some of the attractions along the sea front. A lot of them have either been closed as they didn’t open over the summer or have closed now that the season is almost over. 

In one of the Arcades, Chris and Jaxon went on a rollercoaster simulator. Jaxon was a bit bemused and I’m not sure he entirely got what was happening but I think he enjoyed being on the ride with Daddy. 

Before turning back to the car we got ice creams. Chris had Ferraro Rocher flavour, I had Jaffa cake and Our Sidekick had Oreo. The Jaffa cake one was yummy but it was almost like vanilla ice cream with chopped up Jaffa cakes in it. It was yummy anyway. 

Once we got back to the car we end to get some dinner. We ended up at Pizza Hut. It was quite busy as it was a Saturday evening and because of this when it came to ordering and receiving our food there was a mixed level of customer service.  However the staff were really helpful. 

When we got back to the caravan we put Jaxon to bed, then we watched Grand Designs then I watched Red Dwarf XI. Had to resist singing along to the titles out loud. 

Haven Holiday 2016: First Impressions

First Impressions of the Haven Site

Having an electric vehicle is really handy sometimes. There’s a whole list of benefits that make them worthwhile but the range can still be a real challenge. This weekend we’re staying at the Wild Duck Holiday Park (part of Haven) near Great Yarmouth. In order to get there we had to stop a couple of times to top up the charge on our Renault Zoe. We eventually arrived about 10:30pm last night. We’d spent the last hour of the journey trying to get from one charging point in the next hoping that we would have enough charge to get to the site. In the end we had to chance it and get to the site. I think the plan is to chat to the Haven team and see if there happens to be a charging point on site, if not then to call out the recovery team to take Chris and the car to the nearest available charging point so that he can get it charged up – we think it could be McDonalds, in which case he could probably time it with elevenses and nurse a cup of coffee until the car is fully (or at least half) charged.

Renault Zoe

After reception closes, you can check in with the security guard at the main gate. The gentleman who looked after us on arrival was lovely and friendly. He double checked that we had the right caravan key and also gave us the welcome pack that had various bits of information in it along with our passes for a lot of the facilities.

He gave us really clear instructions of how to find our caravan. It was really easy to find and actually we’re directly opposite a couple of the main buildings – it means there is some background noise from people leaving the pub/restaurant but it’s not too bad and I’m sure once they kick out it will quiet down properly.

We got all our stuff unloaded into the caravan while Chris worked on getting Jaxon into bed. We have a three bedroom caravan which was really handy as I’m sure Our Sidekick wouldn’t want to have to share with Jaxon! The master bedroom has a double bed then the other two have twin beds. One of the twin rooms had both the beds made up whereas the other room had neither beds made up which did mean we had to move some of the bedding from the furthest room into the middle room so that Jaxon is next door to us. It was great that the beds were already made up but it would have been possibly better if we could have made up the twin room ourselves maybe. We’d brought the duvet cover and blanket from Jaxon’s bed at home so he was lovely and snug in his temporary bed.

While Chris continued with bedtime I sorted out putting things like the cereal in the kitchen cupboards and got the kettle on. We were all a bit tense and needed to calm down a bit. I found a home for Jaxon’s bowl and plate only to realise that I didn’t bring any of his toddler cutlery – if we’re out and about I might purchase another set – it doesn’t always use it but it’s good to encourage him.
(It’s actually now 23:40 as I write this and the noise from the people outside has now died down so actually it’s nice and quiet – just me typing on the laptop and the buzz of the fridge).


Once Chris had got Jaxon settled he figured out how to put the heating on. It wasn’t necessarily needed but as the windows had been left open it was kind of nippy in the caravan and would be better for us all not to be freezing!

I sat reading the information and having a look to see what groups were available for us. For Jaxon the only group seems to be the Sing and Sign group in the morning but I’m not entirely sure he will sit still long enough for that especially as he normally gets really grumpy during the song bit at PlayPeople but we’ll see what happenes. There’s a football academy thing at lunchtime but Our Sidekick is too old for it (it’s up to 16 years and he’s now 17). At 17 he definitely seems to be in a bit of a limbo when it comes to the available activities. However it does turn out that we are close enough to one of the restaurants that we might be able to get an Internet connection – I did try it last night but it just kept dropping out. It’s showing as full signal but I think we might be sort of on the edge of the signal range and so that’s why it’s not working very well.

So, so far the first impressions are good, it’s a nice clean and tidy caravan, hopefully once the heating has been on a bit longer it will warm up and we’ll be a little happier and less stressed after a good nights rest.

Not a sponsored post. Just talking about our adventures to Haven’s Wild Duck Holiday Park in Belton nr Great Yarmouth. 

Awesome Ladies Project – What’s in Your Bag?

ALP Creative Team

This week’s prompt is…

What’s in your bag? No matter what kind of bag you carry around, whether it be a purse, a tote bag, a diaper bag, a backpack etc – the things that you keep inside are a part of your story. Maybe you have a ton of book in your bag. Maybe you have lots of papers or candy or makeup. Maybe you’re a minimalist and only carry around the essentials. Whatever you choose to tote around with you tells a great story of who you are right now.

This week involved a bit of planning, how was I going to show everyone what was in my bag. Well that started while Jaxon was eating his tea – what you can’t see from this picture is him sat in his chair over my right shoulder. He’s a bit bemused because I’m knelt on the floor with a pile of bits from my bag and then I’m lining them up all neatly to make sure I can get them all in one photo.

My friend always joked when I was at school that I was going to be a great Mum because of the random things I had in my school bag. You need a snack I probably had something. You needed a tissue – it could have been loo roll but I would have had it. Now I’m actually a Mum and my bag still resembles that level of preparation some days. Now Jaxon has his separate changing bag I don’t have to carry all the bits for him in my handbag too!

I do still carry three little toys with me as emergencies along with a snack because you never know when lunch might be running late – especially now we take the bus or walk places most days.

Sorting out my bag for the picture did also mean that I got rid of all the crumbs and debris that had been abandoned in the bottom of my bag. I am really liking this bag as it has two big pockets inside which means I can kind of divide up my stuff between the two and it’s less to try and dig through when I’m trying to find something!

Do you have a particular favourite handbag? What do you carry in your handbag?


Us @ 9 (well 11ish)

I realised that on our wedding anniversary, I forgot to post about us. I think life was getting crazy busy and it didn’t happen. So I’m posting today. It’s the 11th anniversary of you proposing to me.

Our Family
Will we do anything to celebrate? I don’t think so but I thought I’d share some bits that crossed my mind.

  • We’ve lived in four different flats or houses. Along with a week or two where we lived in separate placed. Mine involved me sleeping on the floor of my parent’s dining room.
  • We have gone from just us to having a family. Our Sidekick kind of crept up on us and then got stuck. When he needed us we stepped in and did what we could to help. I’m not sure he realises how much we do for him some days but I know that I only realise now (well in these 11 years) how much My Mum and Dad did for me when I was a teen and how thankful I should have been when I wasn’t. We also have Jaxon our little ball of crazy toddler energy. It’s not always been easy but we do what we can to make sure we stick it all together.
  • You’ve done crazy adventures all over the place but I’ve only been involved in a couple. I usually end up being support crew in some method. Jaxon was part fo the support crew too but note to us, next time we have 12ish week old let’s not go for a field trip to the other end of the country!
  • You looked after me heaps after I had a caesarian section – well Jaxon decided to be awkward didn’t he! (His birth story)
  • We had our second longest time apart (since getting married). The first was when you went to India. That was over our first Wedding Anniversary. I had expected not to speak to you while you were away. On our anniversary, you borrowed a phone and rang me at work. My colleague answered the phone and at first, I didn’t believe them! This year it was Malawi and Zambia.
  • It was the longest time that it’s been just me and Jaxon too. The worst bit was when Jaxon was sick because I really needed an extra set of hands and I didn’t have them. Then I was ill with the bug he had, thankfully I got over it quicker than him. It really crossed my mind to ring you to get you to come home. (In the end, I texted my Mum and then gave myself a good talking too!)
  • Jaxon started preschool and it just happened that because of when you got back from Malawi, you were able to be present on his first day. We got out the car, he took your hand and pretty much dragged you into the building.
  • You’ve been dreaming about mad adventures and I’ve applied for Jaxon’s first passport. First off we have a trip to the seaside. Hopefully, the weather is nice. Something makes me think it’s Jaxon’s first trip to the seaside but I’m not sure if that’s right or not.

Life has had it’s ups and it’s downs. There have been occasions when calling it quits and walking away might have crossed our minds but it was never acted upon. Here’s to the next lot of crazy adventures.

You, Me, Us