Happy Second Birthday Jaxon!

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Little One,

Happy birthday my special precious. Today you turn two and it seems like the last two years have flown by. I spent the evening with a friend from our New Church yesterday and talked through your birth story – it seems strange that it happened two years ago and yet some of the memories are crystal clear like they happened this week.

From our first few days at home up to today we’ve had adventures here there and everywhere. When you were about two weeks old, it was the River Festival and the weather was crazy humid – you spent most of the weekend in your nappy and a muslin because of how warm it was.


At about six weeks old, daddy and I took you for your first theme park trip. You didn’t go on any rides and with too much going on trying to get you to feed was an adventure! Blackpool


You love going on the swings and down the slides now but you would rather run round the park when we go. (In fact when I started writing this you were running around the park. I had to keep checking where you are because you’d rather do a little of each bit than just stay on one bit of the park).


You’re a cheeky chappy with a great sense of humour. You love it when Daddy is silly and makes you laugh, yesterday evening before Daddy had to go to the Malawi Trip Residential, he was chasing you round the house like something crazy, you kept squealing and laughing. When you came upstairs with Daddy to find me, you ran into our bedroom and you pointed at me with a massive grin on your face and then squealed when you realised that Daddy was coming the stairs too. You’re very ticklish and will giggle really loud when we tickle you under your arms or on your tummy and seeing as you would happily spend all day running around in just your nappy it gives us plenty of opportunity to blow raspberries on your tummy and make you laugh really loud. You often take the opportunity to return the raspberries by blowing them on my arms.

You’ve got a heart for exploring. You love the outdoors and could spend all day in the garden and be happy although you are desperate to be allowed to play on the green opposite our house – especially when you can see the older kids playing.   

When we went camping in May you loved being able to come and go from the tent (and play with the toys outside the social tent). Hopefully as you get older you’ll keep this exploring passion and will want to explore further a field like Daddy. (and I’m sure you’ll be dragging me off on the adventures too!)

Jaxon at 1

You love bath time and story time. Daddy discovered a few weeks ago that you love the running tap. You love to put your hands in the stream as it runs. You love splashing too. You love your rubber ducks and the sponge in the bath – you even tried feeding me one of the rubber ducks when I was upset one day during bath time. You often grab them sponge and squeeze the water over your head as if you’re trying to wash your own hair.


You love having a story before bed. You point out all the people, animals and objects in the picture and want to know what they are all called. Your favourites are Hugless Douglas, How to Bath Your Little Dinosaur and Thomas and The Ten Balloons


We’ve been on trains to and from London as well as getting the train back from Milton Keynes in the last few weeks. You love being able to potter around and explore the train while we head to our destination. 


On one of our London trips I took you on the Emirates Airline and you absolutely loved it.  


 You love putting your shoes on and stomping through the puddles but it doesn’t mean that when they are muddy puddles your shoes can end up like this. We had been to the park for a play date. You and one of the other boys kept jumping in the same puddle even though both me and the other mummy told you not to. 


 You love sitting on our shoulders when we’re out having adventures and you still love being carried in the Boba when you have the chance. It means you can see better than in the buggy and when we were in London you loved being close and safe to me (even if I was exhausted by carrying you and the buggy!) 

Time to go to The Snug

You are one amazing little boy who fills my heart with so much joy. I love that in the morning you come into our room and give me a big squishy cuddle before we get ourselves organised for the day. 

I hope you enjoy your birthday plans this weekend. With Daddy and Our Sidekick being away for this weekend you’re heading towards three birthday celebrations. Today we have a picnic planned with Grandma,Grandpa and Uncle Rich as well as time in the park but it’s all dependant on the weather. 

Love you beautiful boy. Happy Birthday. 

Love you Mummy xx

Currently – 4th July


With Netflix adding Gilmore Girls to their playlist on Friday, it was a bit addictive and by Friday evening I’d some how already made it to episode 6 (Admittedly I had purchased episode 1 on about Wednesday from iTunes as I was getting a little impatient!)


This week I’ve been reading Kirsten’s eBook Email Lists Made Easy for Writers and Bloggers, to start one or not to start one, they have their uses but do I need one – hopefully the book will inspire me.


Music wise I’ve pretty much been wearing a hole in my copy of Ali Brown’s new EP called True Food. (iTunes) I keep playing “I’ve Got A River of Life” rather loud – sometimes including some level of dancing. One day it involved being parked at the traffic lights outside the local university campus and dancing like mad until the lights changed.


Still working on my secret project – I’ve resorted to carrying it round in a large carrier bag rather than the normal fabric bag just because it’s easier. I need to get a pedal on – think I might have to go mad and crochet all the little shapes and then hand them over to my Mum and get her to sew them together while I keep crocheting some more.


It’s been a mixed week, there was a bit of last week that made me cry – and like ugly cry in the middle of Jaxon’s bathtime! Poor boy just didn’t understand, so after looking at me really puzzled he reached his dripping hand over my head and put one of his rubber ducks on my head then when I looked up he attempted to feed the rubber duck to me. I’m sure I should be worried that I was upset and he was feeding me… Following Community Group and then catching up with another friend on Friday I felt heaps better – then we were off to go out for dinner for my brother’s birthday in Saturday so it was all a big crazy!


Having debated it for a while I’m working on a redesign of my blog and taking it in a new direction – I’m not quite sure when it’s going to go down but it’s going to happen soon.



The weather! On Friday the sun actually shone. Jaxon and I spent some time in the park and he didn’t want to come home – I prefer the park closer to our house because he can get on and play while doing bits and not worry that he’s out of my sight line but at Russell Park it’s a bigger park area and the gates don’t bolt closed like the ones at the park closer to our house.

Oh and by the way to my US friends – Happy Independence Day everyone!!

What have you been upto currently? Have you been watching or reading anything in particular?

Currently – 27th June


In the last few weeks, I’ve started and finished watching Chuck – once again the Netflix binge watch strikes again. I went back to Orphan Black at the end of last week but managed to finish this on Friday while taking part in RUKristin‘s Scrapbook Sleepover. I want to start Gilmore Girls following a number of conversations that involves it but haven’t found it on Netflix or NowTV. I think I might have to add it to my wish list and went funds are available buy Season 1. 


Having taken Jaxon to the libary about two weeks ago I made another trip to the library while we were in town last week to get some of the books renewed and others returned. Jaxon wanted to spend more time there and play with all the books but it was lunchtime and he was just going to get more stroppy if I didn’t take him home for lunch so I picked a bunch of books that looked interesting.


Usually been listening to my Spotify playlist again – I keep adding songs but haven’t figured out how to delete certain ones that I just keep skipping rather than actually listening to them.


My lovely gorgeous friend got some fabulous news recently so I’ve been working on a special project and everything else has been put on hold – this does mean that my temperature blanket is falling behind again but thankfully because of the mass catch up while at Catalyst means that I’m not as far behind as I could have been!


I bit frazzled – Jaxon has been hitting the terribles twos this last week and some days it’s been bad. On Monday night I think he had a nightmare or something because he had a bit of a cry then got up and ran across his bedroom to the door then stopped in the corner. It was almost like he’d ran to our room for help/comfort then froze outside the door because normally if he comes in too early then he’s taken back to bed so backed into the corner. Thankfully I’d heard him get up and run around so got up myself and found it. I gave him a massive cuddle and he snuggled into my shoulder. I sat on the end of the bed while he settled again but when I got up to leave the room he got upset again. I ended up cuddling up with him at one point.


This last week I went a bit bananas. I adore my TN and have been using it as a diary but actually once I have a few stickers in there I can’t get enough in each day. I went off to do some research to see if I could get something that resembled Erin Condren pages but without the price tag (and ridiculous custom charges!). I found ChasingPlannerPeace‘s A5 Printable EC Compatible layouts. They could be printed out, punched and added to my A5 Filofax. and punched. I dug out a bunch of my stickers that haven’t worked in my TN and got planning. Before I knew it, I was heading towards a fuller looking week and actually realised how little I did have planned across the week once it was broken into the Morning/Afternoon/Evening slots – rather than in a mess as the appointments came in.

This Week in My Planner

I think I will try and take the pictures before I put the ink in but I need to figure out how to future plan if I then “stickerate” week by week. Also maybe need to think about themeing depending on the background colours – this week is blue so I have been trying to use blue or green stickers but that hasn’t always worked because I’ve been trying to use what I have rather than purchase more right now. (I am very tempted by the Illustrated Faith goodies in EllieBethSupplies UK Etsy store – what do you think?)


That we got to see Chris’s Auntie and her housemate this weekend – we last saw them earlier in the year (it could have even been Christmas but that doesn’t seem right….). It was good to catch up and I’ll be elaborating what we got up to in another post I think.

What have you been upto currently? Have you been watching or reading anything in particular?

Crochet Bible – Part One (and WIPs)

My Crochet Project Bible

Back at the end of May, I received a lovely copy of My Crochet Project Bible from Stationery Geek. I had seen it on one of the groups that I am part of and decided that I would take a look. I was sent a copy of My Crochet Project Bible for a blog post and review.

I’m the worst for starting multiple projects at one. As I write this post I have at least four projects on the go even though I told myself at the beginning of the year I wouldn’t start new projects until I cleared the backlog!

I hope to post a picture of my well loved copied in a few weeks or a few months so that it can be seen how it works.

I posted an unboxing video to my YouTube channel to start the ball rolling – I got a bit excited and Jaxon was trying to assist me!


Every scribble is in the same place – rather than on scraps of paper or post its tucked into my planner.

Conversion charts between US and UK terms – this is a life saver! I tend to be a bit picky about my patterns and even if I really love a pattern if it’s in US terms it puts me off. With the chart there in the first few pages it’s easier to translate the pattern and and get started.


The grid seems to be a 3mm or 4mm grid rather than a 5mm like standard grid paper – if I could change it I would make this 5mm because it might be easier to plan out projects that way. You then know that one square on your plan should be 5cm for example on your actual pattern maybe?

Filmsy cover – a harder cover might work better when you’re trying to juggle crochet and the book but it works fine with the cardboard cover that it has.

You can purchase your own here, they also do other planning goodies. You can follow Stationery Geek on Facebook here and Twitter here. They are also on Instagram here.

Works in Progress

Temperature Blanket
Having spent a large chuck of time at Catalyst catching up (And then writing this post) I have actually started to fall behind again with this one due to getting caught up in other projects. Not good but it’s a year long project so will hopefully be able to work some more in it before the end of June.

Elmer Blanket
This one is for The 100 Days Project, I started this with my friend Jo and at the time it seemed like a great idea but we’re heading towards day 60 and funnily enough I’m behind on it! I am around day 25 I think so a lot to catch up on!

Secret Project
This one is a secret one, I’m not sure if the receiver will read this post but just in case they should stumble across it I will be vague. So I started making lots of the shape that I am doing to piece together into the final project. Each shape has multiple stages so I am trying to figure out whether it’s better to make a lots at stage one then move onto stage two or just make them one at a time. This means that I have a selection of half completed shapes. I think I need to focus on one version of the plan and then see how that works.

Currently – 15th June


I finished Grey’s Anatomy amongst other shows so ended up starting Chuck from the very beginning on Netflix. I think I’ve just finished Season 3 – this is not good! Netflix has this way of making you watch whole seasons without even really realising it! I think I probably need therapy or something like that! I have also been catching up on NCIS.


I’ve been good at reading this last week or so. A couple of weekends ago we ended up in the library so I got a new card and got Jaxon’s library card issued as he didn’t have one. I’d been told in the past that I would need to take his birth certificate with me and I think having to carry that around with me made me a little nervous. I went into the library and they explained that as I had a library card, I would count as his proof of address or something like that so we didn’t need the proof of Jaxon’s ID. I’ve finished According to Yes by Dawn French and started Boys Don’t Knit by Tom Easton. I’m also reading B-Side by Elle Field.


My Spotify playlist again – so currently on Rend Collective but have had Philippa Hanna amongst others earlier this evening.


Lots of things. I have a WIPs blog post coming up tomorrow so be sure to come back for a visit – I’ll post a link when it goes live.


Right now tired! I sort of took off two evenings this week to work on a crochet project and sort of just chill but it means that today I feel like I’m working extra hard to catch up (And it’s past midnight so technically tomorrow now). Today was kind of hard work as it was Our Sidekick’s LAC Review and I had to go with sword and shield at the ready and thankfully it wasn’t as bad as they have been in the past – I know Our Sidekick is currently counting down how many he has left before he no longer has to bother with LAC Reviews.


Adventures – off on a field trip with my Mum tomorrow, then taking Jaxon on the coach to MK to visit the shopping centre and do some bits – really hoping they can stow the buggy in the luggage compartment – I couldn’t find any information on the website so making sure I catch the bus from the bus station rather than one of the smaller stops.



The thunderstorms we’ve had. Just would be better if they could arrive when I have the opportunity to sit and watch them rather than charging around after Jaxon or working because he’s in bed.