Jeans from image above: (clockwise from top left)

High Waist Enhancer Boot Cut JeansBlue Vintage Straight JeansLift, Slim And Shape Boot Cut JeansRetro Blue Smithy Bootcut Jeans and Lift, Slim And Shape Boot Cut Jeans (Dark blue/Inky)

Before I was pregnant with Jaxon, I was still a size 16, I’d lost about half a stone having done Slimming World when I found out I was pregnant. By the Christmas rolled around, my size 16s were getting snug around the middle where my bump was growing but I was nowhere near needing maternity trousers yet.

Once Jaxon was born I stayed wearing my maternity trousers until I really had to give up, at which point I went back to my size 16s until I really needed to move down to size 14s. For a long time, I was at the point where I needed a size 15 because I couldn’t fit. I moved down to size 14 and the other weeks ago but have found that they are too big now. I’ve tried looking for a size 12 and that I like but they all seem to be ridiculously too long in the leg. I tweet to Tesco’s to find out why they are so long. The personal refers both to then we directed me to the petty sizes do you to the fact I am 5 ft 3 inches. However when I have looked at petite jeans in the past, they have usually been too short in the leg and have looked like I’m actually wearing cropped trousers instead of normal jeans.

Today while I was in town when I looked on various charity shops to see if I can find any that fit. The first pair that I found size 12 trousers that I liked the look of wouldn’t even do up. The second pair of jeans I tried on would do up but we’re far too long in the leg.

By yesterday, I was getting a bit desperate, I currently have three pairs of jeans. My usual pair is getting so grubby and so shredded at the bottom that they needed to be replaced. I switched to one of my other pairs to put my “favourite” pair in the wash, but they are so big that they keep falling down. I really need a pair of braces for them.  My favourites are from Next (via the Charity Shop) but are getting to the point that I’m going to have to cut off four inches of shredded denim from the bottoms because I’m too short for Next regular jeans. (They have a leg length of 32 inches according to their size guide – my legs are 27 inches). I had a second pair of size 14 jeans that I got from the charity shop a while ago but they are actually so big around the waist now that I need a pair of braces to hold them up! On my way home from town I popped into the supermarket, I figured I would try on a pair of jeggings because if needed I could wear long tops and do that until I’m into the next size properly. Although they were comfortable around the waist, they were so tight in the calves/ankles that I would have had to wear them with my boots instead of my trainers. Now I near enough live in my trainers so my jeans need to go with my footwear rather than my footwear going with my jeans.

I had previously seen a blog spot about the inconsistencies between different brands that one size across the different brands can come up so differently. (That particular post was by Iona St. Joseph you can find her website here).

I certainly agreed with her with regards to Primark clothes coming up small. I’ve had to buy 18/20 T-shirts because a 14/16 doesn’t fit. When I was pregnant I bought some Size 18 T-Shirts from Primark and they had enough extra fabric in them to cover my bump rather than me spend out extra on maternity shirts. I bought a jumper in Tesco once, it was a Size 18 and I thought it would be baggy, it actually came up so tight that it kept riding up.

This post started about my clothes but as I’ve been writing it I’ve noticed that even Jaxon’s clothes aren’t really matching up size wise. He’s now almost 19 months and today he’s gone for a nap in a 2-3-year-old shirt and has a pair of 4-5-year-old pyjamas that although they are long in the leg the shirt is snug. He’s not overweight, he’s not particualry tall for his age (or at least I don’t think he is) and yet his clothes can be different depending on which shop I purchased them from. 

Then you’ve got Our Sidekick who is very tall and skinny. He has trouble finding clothes that are thin enough round the waist not to fall down bit long enough in the leg so he doesn’t look like he’s wearing shorts. 

Why can’t there be a universal sizing chart or something like that? Don’t even get me started on the differences in styles between girls and boys either! 

Currently…8th February

4-4This post was originally started using the Currently prompt from RUKristin. Have a good week!

The thing with Netflix is that it’s a rabbit hole, I’ve been crocheting a lot this week and so had the TV in the background. I finished Glee and I’m up to date on a couple of shows so I went back to working my way through Doctor Who. I got an email this week to say that How I Met Your Mother Season 9 was now on Netflix which opened up another series to start from the beginning again. I realised yesterday evening that I’m behind on Scandal. I thought I was only a couple of episodes but actually it’s a bunch. Thankfully they seem to have toned down Season 4, so it’s a 15 rating rather than an 18 which makes it a little easier to watch once Jaxon is in bed but Our Sidekick is still pottering around. 

Currently… Reading
I’ve finished 11 Doctors, 11 Stories. They were enjoyable and good. I struggled with the anachronisms like what is supposed to be William Hartnell’s Doctor talking about the Internet or one of the other Doctors referring to Twitter (that could have been after Christopher Eccleston so it’s not so much of an anachronism). 

We’re now starting The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo. I bought it a while ago after hearing Ali Brown talk about it on her YouTube channel. I hadn’t got as far as reading it as I had got distracted by other bits. Yesterday evening, Chris read the sample and decided that he was going to buy the book. I explained I already had it and signed him into my Kindle account. He’s now attempting to read up to the bit about cleaning out your clothes – we have washing to go away but we can’t really start it until he’s figured out what order we need to do it in. 

Not so much music this week. I’ve had radio on a couple of times but that’s been background noise a lot of the time. 

I’m doing okay. We’ve had a couple of short disagreements this week but they’ve been where we haven’t communicated or understood what’s been happening and if we’d have just slowed down a bit or phrased it better wouldn’t have fallen out. 

I am absolutely loving my Lyradori. I have some spare elastic so going to attempt to steal my red Moleskine in temporarily. I’m trying to decide on what to do next when my book runs out. I can either get another one in this size and continue to use it in my Lyradori or I need to find someone who does thick inserts that would work in it’s place. Complicated isn’t it! However I am sticking with Bullet journalling for sure. I did see a nice diary that would work as an insert so I am tempted to get it today while I’m in town if it’s still there. 

How do you keep track of your appointments and things like that? Do you have a Filofax? 

Currently…1st February

1st February
This post was originally started using the Currently prompt from RUKristin. Have a good week!

Too much TV! I’m sure it can’t be that good for me! It’s seriously not good! Part of me keeps saying that once the weather is warmer, we’ll spend more time outside and therefore it won’t be so bad! So I finished watching Season 5 of The Good Wife just in time for Season 6 to start on More4. Glee had been added to NowTV so I worked my way through what I hadn’t seen of that (I’m down to the last twenty minutes ish of the last episode of the last season!). I’ve been watching Madam Secretary too and Season Two has just started so I’m all up to date on that one as well!

Currently… Reading
I’ve got a bit further with 11 Doctors, 11 Stories. I’m up to The Eighth Doctor now – I think he causes upset with some Whovians because he doesn’t entirely fit in the canon of the Doctors. Paul McGann played the Eighth Doctor and he’s the only film Doctor all the others only appeared on TV. 

Mainly worship music – I did listen to Les Miserables on my Solo Date on Tuesday. I had On Parole/The Bishop playing fairly loud as I drove down the bypass. 

Better, at the beginning of the week I was feeling a bit tense, in Tuesday I had a last minute Solo Date. It was only an hour or so out of the house but it was good not to have Jaxon glued to my side for a little while. 

I bought a Lyradori at the beginning of last week. I sort of hadn’t plan to and then did. It would normally have inserts like my Midori but I’ve started using it as a sort of notebook cover for my Bullet Journal which is in a hardback Moleskine. I had an idea of how to strap it in temporarily but I need to sit down and try it to see if it works. 

Currently…25th January¬†

This post was originally started using the Currently prompt from RUKristin. Have a good week!

It’s the last Monday in January already!! Where did this month go? Already one twelfth through the year! 

I finished the Harry Potter series. There was something quite poignant while watching those last Snape scenes. I love how Maggie Smith as Professor McGonagal doesn’t take any rubbish from anyone in the Battle for Hogwarts bit. She’s like “if I’m going down then I’m going down fighting” and just kicks butt. While filming Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince she continued to film even though she was going through treatment for Breast Cancer. 
Between Pretty Little Liars, The Good Wife and Call The Midwife, I’m well stocked for TV at the moment to watch, although I do spend chunks of the week watching Thomas and Friends. I’m beginning to think that it has to be my specialist subject on Mastermind! 

Currently… Reading

I’ve been working on 11 Doctors, 11 Stories but it’s still in progress. I also received a couple more books from NetGalley so I need to get on with the reading and stop getting distracted reading comments on FB about Bullet Journalling and general Planner Addiction. 

I’ve been sort of attempting to experiment in a way. I love music. I love all sorts. I love operatic pieces like O Mio Babbino Caro (Bambino and Babbino are not the same lol. Bambino is baby and Babbino is father – where Papa is like Dad) and O Sole Mio. My favourite has to be Nessun Dorma, it’s those last notes that whoever is singing has to hit. Although having said that for a long time I really liked The March of The Hebrew Slaves from Nabucco by Verdi. I think we sung it in choir or something like that and it just stuck with me. Anyway back to the thing I’m trialling. So I decided to try and focus on the idea that I would listen to worship music as much as I could rather than putting on whatever I fancied from the rest of the stuff I listen to. 

Excited! My lovely friend Ashley of Hello Nature has announced she’s going to be a Mummy. Yay!! There’s also lots going on, on the church front which has mixed emotions tied to it but that’s all something for another day as some bits are still being sorted. 

I think I might have a system of sorts coming together. I’m sticking with my bullet journal in a red Moleskine for now. I have a sort of Plan B that I might bring in soon but it’s just a pipeline idea. 


2016 Goals: Stashbusting Blanket & OneLittleWord

There’s a lot going on around these parts at the moment.

Christmas has finished and is almost (!) packed away (the tree got missed when Chris was in the loft so it ended up living on the landing for now).

Mum and I (with help from Dad) got my birthday invites made this weekend, even though Mum and I have been discussing them for weeks already! With help from Mum and Chris they are being distributed. Mum took the ones for my Uncle and Aunt and my Grandparents as she was visiting them or seeing them at church this weekend. Chris took a handful to church on Sunday and I’ll take the remainders next weekend as I’m on creche.  It is really early to be distributing invites as my birthday isn’t until the end of April but with the party being on the Bank Holiday weekend, we figured it would be good to invite people in case they were planning other things for the long weekend.

There’s a bunch going on with church  bits and pieces – some good, some not so good. And I guess with all this comes to the stash busting blanket.

The preaches at one church we have visited recently have been from the Elders and where they feel their patch is with God, but also the overall Vision for the church in 2016 from the Lead Elder.

One of these preaches the title was “Simplify”.

I’ve been wondering about a word for the year for about three or four weeks now – people keep discussing about the One Word thing and I just keep pondering over what mine would be, for ages I had just about settled on Thrive or Thriving because by the end of last year I really felt like I was just surviving through bunch of things rather than thriving. But actually I think I’ve found my word for this year. I think it’s Simplify.

I guess in a way it had actually started before Christmas when Chris and I had a massive claret and sent off, gave away and sold books and DVDs. We even sold the shelves that held my DVDs. I did a pre-Christmas clear out of Jaxon’s toys although I might have to do more of a clean out now.

So…this is where the stash busing blanket comes in properly. I’ve been knitting and crocheting for ages, I can go to Hobbycraft or Tudor Rose and buy a ball of wool even if I don’t really need it, to the point that I have at least 2 if not 3 storage boxes full of wool. Technically this is the second stash busting blanket I’ve got on the go but they both have the same purpose so for now we’ll stick on this one.

I started crocheting my way through a bunch of odd balls and started to form them into squares like this. I hadn’t sewn them together and still was debating what to do with them. So I decided enough was enough and I’d start sewing them together. If you look closely you’ll see that some are surrounded with cream and some are white – this was because I ran out of cream but even though I could have gone and bought some I rearranged the squares so that the ones right in the middle will have cream round the outside and the rest will have white – it might look like it’s wrong but given the purpose of the blanket I think it will pass!

This blanket is going to go on our bed upstairs instead of the fleece blankets we currently have on the bed – Chris will probably complain that we have an extra layer on the bed but I think he’ll also see the benefit of not having so much wool in the house! Bring on the crochet!